Friday, September 2, 2011

we made it.

we are here. we moved. wednesday we saw my dr for the last time. it was a good report. everything looks fine. we drove 30 minutes to get our uhaul. went to lunch at taco bell real quick. which turned into a 45 minute fast food stop. arrived to our house where people had already began bringing boxes outside. justin's dad and his girlfriend came up to help make the move happen. within a couple hours the truck was packed. we said good bye to the river. i cried a little. we took a few pictures and got on the road.ted in the uhaul. justin in the 4 runner. shirl in ted's truck. ava and i in the accord. a nice little caravan. we drove about an hour and stayed in a hotel. we wanted to go further but every hotel we called in richmond was sold out. a lot of people still without power. so the guys and ava swam at the pool and shirl and i picked up dinner. it was so great to relax and talk and take a minute to sit down. it has been a crazy few days. get up and grab breakfast and get on the road. after a couple stops we arrive in harrisonburg through a nasty little thunderstorm. check in to another hotel so ava can nap and we can all hang out together. justin and i go get the stroage unit to store everything in the uhaul until the house we are renting is available. which could be any day. but we needed to return the truck. justin and ted along with a ton of jmu yl leaders help unpack the truck. shirl, ava, and i go swimming instead. ava has been great. not perfect...but wow. we have been on the go since we evacuated chesapeake. sweet girl has slept in five different places. she really has been so good. little one has no idea we even moved. (side note to all our chesapeake friends....giant going away party on sunday september 11. look for details on facebook, text, and twitter. come say bye. please please please). it all happened so fast but we want to see you.

so now justin is at work. i am at our friend's house where we are staying until our house is available. unpacked the car and started some laundry. just moved ava from a bedroom to a bathroom because she likes to sleep in scary pitch black room. she is out. i am stopping utility service. paying bills. catching up on emails. about to lay down. i need a second.

it will be nice to be settled into our new home. i do not think being here will really feel normal or even real until then. i am excited to begin a new chapter together in harrisonburg. people have been so incredible already. ava and i will meet all the yl leaders tonight and tomorrow justin and i are having our first date night in our new town.

since it is almost the weekend. finally. let's enjoy it by watching THIS VIDEO of little ava at gymnastics. justin surprised me last week and put it together. it's a good one.

thanks ted and shirl for your help and for just being with us. we loved it. thanks for all of you that helped in chesapeake too...packing. moving. watching ava. you all are special special people.


  1. I sent you an email the other week. We are moving also. It is a hard move. Some days are good and others not so much. Reading this blog helps me to sit back and think a little bit about it. It helps put into perspective some. I am kinda glad you are going through the same thing. Selfish, sorry. weird too because we don't talk or know each other. But it is still helping me. So your blog continues to help and nurture others. I am sure I am not the only one. I will pray for your family as y'all adjust.
    P.S. ava's little feet were so cute! So amazing to see all the kisses she got!

  2. wonderful post. just came across your blog. so inspiring and uplifting. i had to share with you :) xo

  3. Hope you guys are getting settled into the 'Burg! What a great place to be. Where did you guys go for your first date there?! Rob and I had our first date ever at Joe Muggs in Books-a-Million on 33. Pretty sure it's gone now. :( Have fun exploring your new town! Thinking of you all and sending our love!


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