my heart is different since cancer and my new vision for my life, my family, and anyone reading this blog is to not waste your life. anyone of it. not one moment. it is all a gift. my hope is this place provides perspective, insight, and inspiration for our own life.

my name is libby ryder. i am 27 and i am a wife and a mother. although i many more things to many more people and i love that. i am from grand rapids, michigan  where i lived for 22 years. i went to calvin college and graduated with a bachelors in social work. i moved to lexington, ky to attend graduate school for my MSW. i also went there for a boy. he is now my husband. the love of my life. we were marred on may 12, 2007. not all man can walk through cancer the way justin did with me. he walked, ran, crawled, and stumbled right alongside me. i love him more now than ever.

we have a daughter ava. she is 21 months. she is my sweet little partner. i stay home with her full time and am so thankful. our little girl was 7 months old when i was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma in july of 2010. she provided me such joy and such purpose while i was sick. she will never understand how the Lord used her in such a special special way through that season of life.

i love the Lord, justin and ava the most. coffee. the beach. shopping. breakfast. clothes. ugg boots. scarfs. eating outside. candles. traveling. my family and friends. decorating. movies. reading and much much more. but that is a little glimpse.

i did not know the passion i had to write until this blog started the week i got sick. i has become such a creative outlet and way to connect with people all over the world. thank you for reading and entering into our life and our story. 

this is my disclaimer: it's important for my readers to know that i do not like to use punctuation when i write. i am not very good at knowing where to put commas and stuff. so words will mostly be lowercase and i will use a lot of periods.