Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just a little quick one

Much more back story is needed for this post but it will come another day.

I am in Floridia with my dear friend who is getting some tests done and seeing doctors who we pray will diagnosis her pain.

It all happened fast and lyla and I are thankful to be here. Lyla just goes with the flow and i am so thankful.

After I booked my flight in the car on our way to Virginia beach for a wedding this past weekend I began to cry. So hard.

I looked over at Justin as tears streamed down my face and I said...I have no idea why I am crying. Maybe it was the beauty of the drive. Lyla was sleeping in the backseat. Ava was at home with her grandmas. We were listening to incredible music. Music touches my soul. But above all I felt overwhelming gratitude to The Lord for saving me. For sparing my life in cancer and healing me. It was all worth it to be able to be here with my friend. To understand the fear that health can have over you and the exhaustion of the unknown. But above all we know the truth. The truth that lies in Christ. Nothing is too much for Him and we were created to depend on Him alone.

In the midst of appts and tests and scans we can laugh. Eat cookies. Experience joy. Drink starbucks. we have a joy that is far deeper than any pain or discomfort.

I love the mystery in Christ. We don't always know or understand things but we trust Him. Even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard. But that He knew this friendship would grow and our spirits would connect and we would be here together. To walk through this together. Hard things bring people together just like joyful things bring people together. we are experiencing both.

Thankful for lyla. she is bringing smiles to faces of so many people who are having a hard time seeing joy given where they are and what they are walking through. God is good and babies are beautiful.