Monday, December 31, 2012

the blog silence

with no words to possibly ever do this justice i will briefly share where our lives and hearts have been this past week.

in the early morning on dec. 22 justin woke up to several missed calls and jumped out of bed saying
"something happened to my dad."

within a few hours justin was on a plane to fort myers flordia to be with his dad and his family.
his father had experienced a heart attack and cardiac arrest stemming from undiagnosed sleep apnea. 
as the news of his prognosis worsened i flew to flordia on Christmas morning to be with my husband and my family.
after a few days on life support he went to be with Jesus due to a heart attack and cardiac arrest resulting in an anoxic brain injury.
there is so much more to this past week and to ted and to his life and to the deep sorrow felt by those who love him. i will share my heart and try to find the words because he loved this blog. he read every post i ever wrote and would usually always comment (especially when i had cancer) or send a text when he especially liked something i had written. his support of my heart and my writing always meant so much to me. i will share more soon.
but for now...dropping in to share where we are right now. 
deep grief but holding tight to the hope and peace of Christ.
he and his girlfriend, shirley were on a sailing adventure when this unexpected tragedy happened.
they blogged nearly everyday 
to catch up on the incredible journey they were on please go to:

we are heading to ky tomorrow to be with family and will honor ted by celebrating his life this saturday at the same place his daughter, sara and her husband tommy were married and where justin i had our wedding reception. we all feel that ted would prefer this non-traditional way of honoring his life oppose to a funeral service.

for details go to:

we are beyond thankful for the family and friends around us who stopped at 8pm on Christmas day to get on their knees and pray as we pleaded with the Lord for a miracle. we are thankful for the countless ways our family has felt so dearly loved and cared for in the midst of this heartache.

my dear husband wrote his dad's obituary today.

Ryder, Ted Wallace, our beloved father, “Pop-pop”, son, brother, and friend passed away suddenly into the arms of Jesus on Thursday Dec 27th, 2012 in Fort Myers FL, following a heart attack. Until the end, his family was by his side, praying and hoping with him. As a father, his love and loyalty was unmatched. He will forever be a hero to his children. As a “Pop-pop”, his laughter, sense of humor, and giving spirit made him larger than life to his grandchildren, who will miss him dearly. As a certified orthotist he faithfully and compassionately served patients in the tri-state area with The Brace Shop and Prosthetic services and eventually through Hanger Orthotics for over 30 years. Patients remember his gentle tone, consistent care, and expert craftsmanship. He was a guiding light to many around him in this community, who alongside Ted, learned to walk, to love, to read, to work at their passions, to pray, to chill, to swim, to never (ever) dive, and to celebrate life. And oh how he celebrated the people he loved and the places he enjoyed! As a sailor, adventurist, writer, traveler, and captain he had a profound love for living and moving on lakes and oceans, and thus to honor his life passion his remains were committed to the sea around his sailboat, “Serenity”. Ted is survived by his daughter, Sara Floyd and her husband, Tommy; his Son, Justin Ryder and his wife, Libby; his 5 adoring grandchildren: Ella, Jack, Ava, and Cash. His fifth grandchild, a little girl,  who is scheduled to arrive in January will be his namesake, Teddy. He also leaves behind his partner of 4 years, Shirley Lambert; his mother, Joy Ryder Moore; his brothers and sisters Kris, Todd, Tracy, Greg, Shelly, Shawn; his 12 nieces and nephews and many devoted and loyal friends. His late father, George Ryder, and nephew Sawyer greeted him in heaven. Though there is a sense of devastating loss for those who loved him, there is also an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God for having been a part of his beautiful life. We laughed with him, cried with him, relied on him, and ran to him. He was always there for those he loved. His children have chosen to honor him with a Celebration of Life Memorial on Saturday, January 5 at The Covington Madison’s Crystal Ballroom, from 6p-10p. Please visit for more details.

sail on ted. sail on...

the very last thing my dear father in law did for me was comment on facebook about the photo below. only hours before everything changed. it so dear to my heart. he simply wrote, "great picture."

Friday, December 21, 2012

dc for christmas

living in 4 different states from your family means that traveling seems to just be apart of the normal Christmas plans. but this year when we realized our due date was pretty close to Christmas we knew we would be staying put. our own family traditions, pancakes Christmas morning, new pajamas on Christmas eve, lots of movies (family man is a must. i just teared up watching the trailer. this movie means so much to justin and i), baking, candles, playing, and resting. i need some rest.

thankfully this year my parents are coming in from Oklahoma and we are spending a few days in downtown washington dc. just for fun. because we love hotels and eating out and see cities all lit up for Christmas. ava can't wait to swim in the pool.

i am officially done with all Christmas scarf orders. thanks for ordering. hope you enjoy.

yesterday we got to see our little girl. less than 4 weeks left until we finally meet her. ava asks every morning if she has been born and runs to her bassinet in the living room just to be sure. after our ultrasound we ran some errands and i handed ava a picture of her sister and totally unprompted
she said, "oh, mom she is so beautiful."thankful for a love that has already begun between them.

 enjoy your weekend. whether it be traveling or enjoying your family and friends at home.
this is a special time of year. don't miss it.

back around Christmas with some pictures and hopefully a video by justin.
you can follow me on instagram @libbyryder to share in our dc christmas adventures.

Monday, December 17, 2012

got my copy. now you get yours.

dropping in real quick to announce the winner of the sweet children's book
what's true about you by kristan farley.

congrats to the Poston family:
eek! i want this!! our favorite book right now is charlie brown christmas :)

 even if you did not win this is awesome book for your own home or for a gift.

you won a personalized copy for your own home. email me at to place your order. thanks for entering and sharing the books that are currently being read in your home.


things are quiet here as ava woke up at midnight sick so we are laying low to heal up before my parents come and we head to washington, dc for the weekend.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

a precious book

not sure when or how but i am feeling the christmas shift. sometimes it is hard for me to get into the "christmas spirit" simply because it's december. i do not want to loose sight of what this is all about and everything around us can easily distract us from this advent season and preparing for the birth of Christ.  

but after finally finishing decorating the tree this week (mid-decorating i got really upset and started crying and justin suggested i go into our room and settle down. so i did. 2 weeks later we finished the tree). we hosted a couple little christmas parties with our leaders and my small group and that has helped me feel way more like christmas is coming and i love it. it is also colder and although i do not like the cold per say i do think it encourages staying inside and being together. also got the deal of the year yesterday when my favorite 3 wick candles from bath and body works that are normally $20 where on sale for $8 and then i had $10 off so they were around $5.50 a piece. it is the small things you know...i love how lighting candles can legitimately change the vibe of our home or so it seems.

 this weekend is our last weekend before our little girl arrives where we have no plans. nothing.
today will be spent crocheting scarves, watching movies, and most likely various things with ava: reading, coloring, baking, decorating and re-decorating her tree for the hundredth time.


before i begin those things i wanted to offer a really precious and sweet giveaway.
i do not know the author, kristan farley personally but i for sure like her based on our email exchanges and the words she wrote in her book "what's true about you."

profound truths that the sweet little children in our life need to hear but also an important reminder for ourselves. i often listen to the lies and loose sight of what is actually true about who i am.

sneak peek...


the best part is that you can have it personalized for whomever you plan to buy this for as well as choosing between a boy version or a girl version...i really love that. i think any personalized touch makes all the difference.

kristan is graciously giving a personalized copy away to one of you! yup, another giveaway. 
leave a comment sharing your favorite book and you will entered to win. 
winner will be announced on monday evening.

if you are interested in placing a scarf order please do so by monday, dec. 17 to guarantee christmas delivery. to place an order email me at with scarf as the subject line. thank you to all of those who have supported this little endeavor. 


finally and by far most importantly as i prepared this post my heart aches for the families and friends impacted by the horrific events of yesterday in connecticut. i really have no words but simply that you are not alone and that you feel people around you carrying your grief and pain. although i can not speak to what this must be like for everyone involved i do know what pain and shock feels like and i recall experiencing a real sense of community as people rallied around us and however possible carried a bit of our burdens for us. you are not alone. we are praying.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

tumbler winner and our baby.

Brandie Elliott
who enjoys any any kind of peppermint coffee! 
you will now be enjoying whatever you want in our own tervis tumbler.
email me at to receive your tumbler. 
i loved reading all of your favorite drinks. i love water, coffee with french vanilla creamer, and a starbucks iced decaf mocha. 
i am currently on the couch with justin next to me watching his favorite show, white collar and ava watching sophia her favorite princess on disney, jr. it is nice to sit and be together. it has been a busy week but in a good way...just what christmas time brings and i do love it.
we had our 35 week check up and little girl's heart sounds great and all the random things i shared with my midwife: sore legs, tired, heartburn, which she responds: sounds about right.
i can not decide if i just forgot what it was like to be pregnant or if pregnancy with ava was legitimately easier. maybe a little bit of both. but i for sure feel like i have ran a marathon at the end of everyday, not sleeping well, and horrible heartburn. yes, these things are annoying and it is not always easy but some sweet friends of ours who have been begging and pleading and doing just about everything possible to get pregnant over the past few years...well, they are pregnant and that has caused an entire perspective shift for me and i needed it. yup, pregnancy is not the easiest thing...but the miracle. the sweet, incredible, miracle growing inside me that will soon make her arrival and join this family...well she is a gift. a precious miracle. something we were once told may not be a reality for us again. well it is real and she is coming. currently she is moving like crazy inside me. girl knows i am thinking about her right now.

it is all about a perspective shift. we choose joy or we don't. sometimes choosing joy is just too hard. i think it is real and true that sometimes what we tell our head to think just can not make the connection to our heart. but when the head and the heart meet that is when big things happen. things start to shift, look different, and feel different. even when our current situations or the hurt we are in do not change...but when our heart is on board and we look to the one thing. the only thing...Jesus do we actually begin to live in the joy, peace, hope, and love that He promises us. He does not promise comfort or easy, but He promises himself. i do not always choose Him. but everyday i pray i am moving closer to what it means and looks like to really choose Jesus in all things. the big and the little. He wants to be in the big and little...but are we making room for Him in all those things? 
let's make room for what matters this time of year.
it will change things. i promise, but more importantly He promises.
another little giveaway tomorrow that points to what He says about you and me.
if you are like me than you may need a regular reminder.  i ordered the personalized version for ava because i want these truths written on her heart starting now. 
i also may or may not have cried when i heard it read this past weekend.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tis the season.

first off...the lack of blogging. i am very aware of it. i am working on some posts that have a bit more depth than what i am sharing today. but they are mostly just in my head and in my heart. 
so for today since it is just that time of about a sweet giveaway? you can keep it for yourself or give it as a christmas gift. 

sweet friend, crystal faye is back and this time she is giving away one of her monogrammed tervis  tumblers. not lying when i tell you i love it. i use it everyday. no joke. it holds over 22 oz of liquid and i am a sucker for drinking from something that i think is cute. in turn i am drinking way more water than i usually do. strange but maybe some of you get that. if you hate water diet coke is a great alternative or anything really...i am just shying away from dc during my pregnancy.
also, if you are a person who likes a straw when they drink do not worry bed bath and beyond sells tervis straws in a pack of 6 for $3.99. i now use mine with a straw and i love it.

(blog readers can enjoy 10% any order using the code dwyc10)

how to enter:
leave a comment on the blog telling me what your favorite drink of choice is this time of year?
 winner will be announced on the blog thursday.
comment away.


my friend elizabeth has a hilarious and very real blog. i love all those things and i love her. she has a great giveaway happening on her blog as well. go check it out.
overall this is a pretty sweet giveaway and you may spot #2 as one of my very own cowl neck scarves. yup giving one away over there right now. so go enter at
you can contact me directly at if you would like to place an order. 
(crystal faye is featured as #5. so fun)

how about a belly picture to end this little post?
35 weeks. we are getting close. you will notice from the picture that her nursery looks identical to how it was several weeks back. its true. no progress has been made...yet.

ava was about to jump off the stool while i was taking this picture. but decided to still use it. 
the belly is all people care about anyways.

go enter the giveaways. you might win. you never know. good luck.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

sharing what He has done for us

tomorrow morning i have the opportunity to share our story to a group of women in blacksburg, va. i am honored and excited. as i prepared a bit today...scrolled though pictures and old blog posts i was quickly reminded of how good the Lord is. it was not too sad. i did not cry. i will cry tomorrow. i have not figured out how to share it without tears. sometimes they are sad and sometimes they are joyful tears. but my heart feels full and thankful that something as awful and scary and horrible as cancer...has truly been the thing that changed my life in the best way possible.

 (side note: there is a bit of tension in my heart as i write this because although i am honored and thankful for the chance to share about the Lord, cancer, my family, and how we were literally carried through cancer. i do pray everyday that i will ever get cancer again. i would rather not walk that road again. i have never looked forward to a PET scan...but come this feburary after our little girl is born i can not wait to be proven wrong. that all my pain and discomfort were just pregnancy side effects and nothing more. not cancer. not chemo. not sick. but a healthy momma of two).

 in the midst of the joy and truth i will share tomorrow i am still striving to live in a way that is not stunted by fear or the unknown. but rests in the truth. no matter what our story holds i trust the Author who is writing it. His plan is better than my plan. that is where my hope is found and that is where i find rest. i hope you will join me.