Thursday, December 13, 2012

tumbler winner and our baby.

Brandie Elliott
who enjoys any any kind of peppermint coffee! 
you will now be enjoying whatever you want in our own tervis tumbler.
email me at to receive your tumbler. 
i loved reading all of your favorite drinks. i love water, coffee with french vanilla creamer, and a starbucks iced decaf mocha. 
i am currently on the couch with justin next to me watching his favorite show, white collar and ava watching sophia her favorite princess on disney, jr. it is nice to sit and be together. it has been a busy week but in a good way...just what christmas time brings and i do love it.
we had our 35 week check up and little girl's heart sounds great and all the random things i shared with my midwife: sore legs, tired, heartburn, which she responds: sounds about right.
i can not decide if i just forgot what it was like to be pregnant or if pregnancy with ava was legitimately easier. maybe a little bit of both. but i for sure feel like i have ran a marathon at the end of everyday, not sleeping well, and horrible heartburn. yes, these things are annoying and it is not always easy but some sweet friends of ours who have been begging and pleading and doing just about everything possible to get pregnant over the past few years...well, they are pregnant and that has caused an entire perspective shift for me and i needed it. yup, pregnancy is not the easiest thing...but the miracle. the sweet, incredible, miracle growing inside me that will soon make her arrival and join this family...well she is a gift. a precious miracle. something we were once told may not be a reality for us again. well it is real and she is coming. currently she is moving like crazy inside me. girl knows i am thinking about her right now.

it is all about a perspective shift. we choose joy or we don't. sometimes choosing joy is just too hard. i think it is real and true that sometimes what we tell our head to think just can not make the connection to our heart. but when the head and the heart meet that is when big things happen. things start to shift, look different, and feel different. even when our current situations or the hurt we are in do not change...but when our heart is on board and we look to the one thing. the only thing...Jesus do we actually begin to live in the joy, peace, hope, and love that He promises us. He does not promise comfort or easy, but He promises himself. i do not always choose Him. but everyday i pray i am moving closer to what it means and looks like to really choose Jesus in all things. the big and the little. He wants to be in the big and little...but are we making room for Him in all those things? 
let's make room for what matters this time of year.
it will change things. i promise, but more importantly He promises.
another little giveaway tomorrow that points to what He says about you and me.
if you are like me than you may need a regular reminder.  i ordered the personalized version for ava because i want these truths written on her heart starting now. 
i also may or may not have cried when i heard it read this past weekend.


  1. just ordered two of these books for the kids - gifts for them on the babys birth day - to make them feel loved and special on their brother/sisters big day! thanks for the great idea!

    glad your appointment went well - mine was today, too. all looks good. just waiting!

    merry Christmas!

  2. Libby, I've been pregnant four times and each time is completely different for me. Different symptoms, different everything. It's so strange, isn't? You'd expect your body to handle it relatively the same every time. Your getting close. Excited for you!


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