Tuesday, September 20, 2011

no Internet yet.

I am writing from my phone this morning as I lay in bed. comcast will be here today to bring us back to the world. we returned from Chesapeake after a great week at home. more to come on that...I need a legit computer to really write. the unpacking process began yesterday and after a small anxiety "attack" about the current status of our home. my husband said "one box at a time. set one goal and do it." so I did. ava is in her new bedroom for the first time. I glanced at the screen of the monitor and thought she was gone. but she is hiding in the small corner where I could barely see her. when she saw her crib was up and back as it should be all she wanted was to play "night night" in her bed. in and out in and out. she missed her bed. just like me. my mom arrives tonight to help make our new house a home. she has a gift for that. I miss my family. I am looking forward to someone very familiar to be with us in our new
town. thankful it's my mom.

I have been thinking a lot about being joyful. finding joy in everything and being thankful. it seems like that should be so natural. considering the way the Lord loves us and cares
for us every second of every day. but I quickly loose sight. I see this move impacting me in many ways already. a fresh start. a new view on life. I am ready. sometimes a little nervous to be honest about this new place and all that comes with that. but I can not stop thinking about this video I watched about another young couples journey with cancer. stand firm. that was what the husband kept hearing from the Lord. stand firm.stand firm. I will stand firm.

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  1. Libby -
    Moving is HARD so be patient. It's not cancer hard, but it is psychologically hard in subtle ways as we mourn a past life and test our strength to gain new community, friends, etc. Balancing that feels at times like a bad roller coaster. I think Justin is wise....one box at a time :)


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