Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just checking in.

life is a bit crazy at this point so i do not have the time to write like i want to. ava is on a walk with some dear friends while i work on my ever growing to-do list. i need to shower like five minutes ago.

-we moved into our new house in harrisonburg. with tons of help it happened within an hour or two. but we are covered in boxes. justin did paint ava's room and i love it. we also got our bed set up and we slept in it for the first time in weeks. it was magical. without seeming dramatic or silly...it was so nice.
-we enjoyed it for a few hours and then drove to chesapeake.
-two parties later (they are very much blog worthy. but at a later date) we are getting settled into the week. some lose ends from moving and people to see. i like that. not the loose ends but spending time with people i love and will miss dearly.
-this weekend is the leader weekend with jmu in sandbridge. near the beach. justin and i will be sharing this weekend. about jesus. the holy spirit. cancer and suffering. i need to plan what i am sharing. tonight. i will do that tonight.
-then we head back home. to our house full of boxes and much organizing to do. thankfully my mother is coming in from OK to help. she has a gift for this stuff. i need her.
-ava is okay. rough day yesterday but in general going with the flow pretty well.
-i sat around the with three women yesterday and discussed this new season of life and how i am looking forward to getting into a routine with ava. with my husband. trying new things. making harrisonburg a home. this takes time. i tend to rush things. dive in and not stop. but this has been a HUGE year. i want to ease into this. i need to. i hope i can do it. we have had a lot of new transitions and seasons. maybe this is life and it never stops. but maybe. even if only for a little bit i would like to slow down. i think i need to slow down.
-although last night was tearful as i shared a bit of my heart to a room full of some of the most important people in our lives...i know we will be okay. much is in store for us in this new place. new people. new relationships. new adventures. i know it is good. i just want to take it slow.

off to shower. pack up. dr appt. move into a new place to stay for the week. hang with ally. put ava to bed. prepare for this weekend's talk. then watch pregnant rachel zoe on bravo.

enjoy your tuesday.


  1. Libby, Take your time and enjoy! There is always tomorrow. :-)Thank you for the update.
    Love Ya, Shirl

  2. i know this was the least significant thing you posted but i'm dvr-ing rachel zoe too. i'll be watching with you - its kind of like a date!!


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