Thursday, September 22, 2011

lots of boxes.

my mom is here and all we have been doing is unpacking. non-stop. i am tired. but we are getting there. i just can not decide what colors i want to paint things or use in each room. i love this process. but i hate how indecisive i am. but we are okay. i have been very anxious lately. not about anyone or anything specifically but simply all that moving entails. little a has been great. not so good today running errands. but she did pull herself together enough to get a giant teddy bear from her oma. we were at tj maxx and she spotted this huge bear. she ran over and gave it a hug. then found a blanket in the next aisle and brought it to the bear. then decided the bear needed a towel. it had to come home with us. so it did. thanks oma.

this is what happens when your daughter helps you unpack boxes. she wants to try it all on. a sweater from aunt allison. wings from last halloween. necklaces from oma. whatever she can get her hands on.

we are off to south carolina for the weekend. just the two of us. going to see one of our dearest friends get married and spend some much needed time with our closest friends from lexington, ky. i am about ten blog entries behind. moving will do that.


  1. Hi Libby, have fun with your mom and on your get away this weekend. Don't be anxious about paint and boxes. It's just stuff. Love you, Aunt Deb

  2. if you are looking for color schemes, its great to surf on Pinterest (kind of like stumblr or foodgawker). you can just scroll down and see tons of pictures of finished rooms. i just wish i had found the site before we moved into our apartment a few months ago. happy decorating!!

  3. I loved getting to see you and catch up this weekend :) Enjoy settling into your new place his week!


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