Monday, September 26, 2011

a little home preview.

justin and i had an incredible less than 24 hour trip to greenville, sc for our friend's wedding. the six hour drive flew by. we love ava...but we seriously loved a road trip without the little babe. we talked. reconnected. encouraged each other. prayed. listened to music. ate bojangles. it was good. we really needed this time together. i will try and borrow some pictures from the wedding and post them this week. but it was beautiful. outdoors. under the lights. a-m-a-z-i-n-g cupcakes. pumpkin and reeses peanut butter. i ate like five. they were small. we danced. ate. laughed. all the things you love best about a wedding happened at this wedding.
 in the car. justin pumped to have a six hour drive with just me.

the best part besides the marriage between shannon and andy...seeing friends. our friends in lexington, ky honestly are so incredible. they went above and beyond when i was sick i can not even put it into words. they are still amazing...but they all rose to the occasion like nothing i have ever seen from friends. thank you. thank you. thank you. we were reminded...yet again after saturday night what a gift you all are.

we returned to a house with NO BOXES. my incredible mother had successfully unpacked every last box. she did this with a little ava running around. no easy task. now we are onto organizing, decorating and setting this place up right. ava loved her special time with oma too. i have my mom here for a few more days and we are getting so so so close to having this place in order. there is still much to be painted and of course the on going joy of setting up a home. looking for sales. antique stores. a few projects. spray paint. craigslist. garage sales. the decorating never stops. i do not think i will ever come to a place of..."okay we are done." i get inspired or pretend to be crafty or see something new we need/want or pinterest takes over. you know how it goes. not many people in the world can do what my mom has done over this past week. she has a gift. we are so thankful.

here is a little peek. we are going colorful this time around.

fabric duct taped to the back of the book case. i love it. the walls are not yellow. the iphone did that.
 recovered the bench for the second time. we went from red damask to white and yellow stripes. classic.
 navy and knaki ticking fabric. my mom told me that is its name. we have the old fashioned radiators in each room so they will just hang to the sides. more for looks than actually function. yes the shutters are two different heights. house came like that. lastly, the drill is not usually that close to ava when she is in her seat eating.
 more fabric on the back of the bookcase. this is in the living room.
my "u." when i was out looking for pillows i saw this giant U. i wanted it because i love letters and it was $2. but i didn't buy it because what does the letter U have to do with anything? but i laid in bed that night thinking about how i journal. when i write i write to God. but i never write...dear God. i write...dear u. i told justin we needed that for our bedroom. so i went back two days later and there it was. waiting for me on the clearance aisle at ross.

so there is a little bitty glimpse of our new home. i could not have done any of this without my mom. this is move number 5 for us. we have only been married 4.5 years. that is a lot and we are not even in the military. but this move more than any other has been hard for me. not because i am not happy to be here. but leaving the river was difficult and this whole process has been exhausting. my mom has helped ease that burden. thank you. there is nothing like your momma. no matter how old you are...

thoughts on the new place?


  1. love love love!!! you know me and yellow. love it. also, love the "u" i miss you a lot :/

  2. Hi Libby! I've written you a few times (fellow young cancer survivor.) I COMPLETELY understand your emotions with moving. I just married my husband who IS in the military...we've moved twice in the past 3 months (St. Louis, Missouri to Annapolis, Maryland. And then from there to Pensacola, Florida.). But leaving "home" was the hardest. Like you, it's where I rested, where I healed, where I loved and was loved. It's where my doctors are. It was scary to leave it all behind and start new. It's not that I'm not happy in my new home, it's just DIFFERENT. It takes adjusting. It's good to know that someone understands those emotions. So thank you. Even though you don't know me and had no intentions of doing so, thank you for showing me that I'm not alone in these foreign and mixed emotions.

    Also, I LOVE the decorating you're doing. Setting up a new home is hard! We've been in our new home for 2 weeks now and it's nowhere close to being set up. haha keep adding pictures because I need ideas!

    <3 Melanie at Melzie's Life

  3. Dear Libby,
    You are SO blessed. Not just because you have such an awesome faith, a wonderful husband, adorable daughter and you beat the beast of cancer. You are blessed with an outstanding family and group of friends. I moved 6 times in 10 years (my husband was in the military), the last being a move back home with 2 children and a dog. One of my children was less than a year old, had been born very premature, still needed special appts but otherwise was healthy. Not once did I get anything close to what your Mom did for you. How awesome is she!! I can tell from your writing that you know this. I don't think unless you have been there (moving, with a child, and all that upheaval) can you truly appreciate what a gift your Mom gave you. I wish you nothing but the best for your new life.

  4. Libby - it was so great to see you this weekend! And I love the way your house is coming together. I love the color and all the fabrics. It looks great!

  5. um we're coming to visit. LOVE!

  6. Libby,

    1. the hair is looking fetch. As always. I really really love it!!
    2. The the bench, and decorations in general. Can't wait to see it in person.
    3. Love the pictures on the blog :)
    4. Ava and Roxie are the background of my computer. I love them both. duh.
    5. Love you!

  7. looks great like always lib, you always do such a great job. thankful you were able to have a nice time alone with Justin and thankful you're mom as been able to bless you guys were her great organizational skills. tell her hi for me and can you send her to OH? I'm still unpacking and organizing from our move this summer. love you and would love to find a time jonah and i can come and visit. =)

  8. I think that it looks great. And, I believe that you will be very happy in your new home...because I believe that you will be happy anywhere. You are just amazingly positive, and I love that!

  9. Luv the decor, can't wait to see it live. Wish u could be there. Thx mom for all the help u are giving them:) luv to u all

  10. super cute! can't wait to see pics of it "finished" :) glad your momma could be there to help during the transition!

  11. oooh hobby lobby fabric? fantastic ideas- everything looks awesome! and i'm going to have to look you up on pinterest because i'm pretty sure i'll be repining lots of things. :)

  12. Loved this weekend & spending it with y'all! Can't wait for next weekend, ahh! Weddings weddings weddings! Love it!! I also really love the new house! Whenever I'm a big grown up I want you to come decorate my house & make it as cute as yours, sound like a plan? K, great! ;) Happy to hear you've got your momma helping the transition go a little smoother, nothin' like a mom's love. See you so soon friend, praying for you guys :)

  13. very lovely fabrics! I love how you prep everyone about the drill- no doubt some very loving grandma's are reading this blog :)

  14. Libby the house is looking so wonderful! I hope you are enjoying being in Harrisonburg. I love all the bright and cheery colors you chose….I hope your new house will be that for you, a bright and cheery place to enjoy LIFE! And please let us know about all of your finds at craft stores/craigslist/etc! Have fun!


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