Thursday, September 8, 2011

i had cancer.

since it is leukemia and lymphoma awareness month i thought it was appropriate to blog about this new site i was introduced to this summer. a little while back a sweet women emailed me after she had found our blog online. she is the community manager for this phenomenal new social support network for cancer patients, survivors, and supporters. she encouraged me to check out this new site after reading about our cancer story.

I Had Cancer allows cancer survivors, fighters and those newly diagnosed and their supporters, the friends & families of those affected to connect with one another and share their stories and experience of dealing with the deadly disease. Because every 23 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer (what! i had no idea) and for these people and their loved ones that feeling of isolation isn’t going to go away on its own.(from the I Had Cancer website).

I Had Cancer launched in july of this past year. not too long ago and has been rapidly grow daily. it is a free social support network focused on connecting people based on experiences with cancer so that they can easily communicate with one another and share information. you can register for free, create a profile, and connect with people who may have the same type of cancer, treatment, or live in the same city. share stories. it really is an amazing means of support for people who may feel very alone during and after treatment. after browsing through the site it became so evident to me that many cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters are not/did not receive the incredible overwhelming love, prayers, and support our family did during our cancer journey. as i read other people's stories i was stunned at how many people felt so alone and isolated. although i struggled with that occasionally i am so thankful, yet again, for the incredible way that people literally (you know what i mean) went through this journey with us both near and far. i will never be able to express how that has transformed me see people rally alongside us. one more time...thank you.

since we all have had some experience with cancer. in one way or another. maybe this site can be a resource for you or someone you love to connect with those sharing similar stories as your own. check out this video from the I Had Cancer founders. watch it HERE.

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  1. Thank you so much for passing this along. So many people feel alone in their illness. What a great way for people to network.


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