Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day.

i often wake up in the middle night or in the early morning with all these things i want to write about it. then i wake up for the day and forget them. not all the time but sometimes. and it always sounds so much better in my head.

its valentines day. our family does not really go all out for this holiday. we celebrate but not over the top.
ava and i do have some tricks up our sleeve for justin tonight at dinner when we exchange gifts. we are thinking we will go crafty this year. our first valentines day we were married justin went all out with a surprise scavenger hunt for me when i got home from work. he had thought of all my favorites. a gift card for the exact amount for a peanut butter cup blizzard from dairy queen. a pedicure. flowers. and a massage. perfect. all things i love. he set the standards high during that first year and now its hit or miss. just kidding he always remembers and does something special. whether big or small. i reminded him that he has two girls to celebrate today.

as i look forward to re-entering life. i have been looking into all these fun little things to do with ava. like swimming lessons, kindermusik, music together, etc. all look real great and not real cheap. but we will be doing something for sure this spring. along with things that are free (ish). the zoo, park, botanical gardens, wagon rides, her new swing, and playing outside. its gorgeous outside here today. and its getting me excited for it all. these type of activities are probably normal for most moms but since getting sick and it being winter and all...we have stayed inside a bit more than what we would like. i like thinking ahead to everything we will do and having the energy to do it. i have a little guilt about it all so thankfully she is entering into an age where doing and going are more fun and she can begin to participate that much more.

even though its still february and i am not sure that the warmth of today is going to last. it is still so nice to think that this changing season...both literally and figuratively hold a whole new meaning for us. its going to be a good year and a good spring. i can feel it.

thank you for the packages and cards that arrived this weekend. ava got some love to. thank you for thinking of her and loving her...even though many of you have never even met her. there is something special about people loving your daughter in the way many of you do. so thank you.

happy valentines day.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day guys. We love you! It's grey and cold here so enjoy your beautiful day.
    Love you.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. You are so right, there is something special about someone loving your daughter, and you are the best at it! Enjoy your dinner.

  3. happy love day ! enjoy dinner !
    we should get together this spring , i would love to meet you , justin and ava.

    love and blessings
    the doughtys


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