Monday, February 7, 2011

hotels. we love them.

its monday. the beginning of a new week. i should feel rested but i am tired. my sister and drake left yesterday after a great visit. my sister helped a lot and we enjoyed watching our babes play together. even though ava is a little too rough sometimes. we are working on it.

justin and i celebrated valentines day a little early. between chemo, work, and pet scans last night seemed to be the best night. so we drove 15 minutes and stayed at a hotel right on the water. we love hotels. especially justin. he hooked us up so we had lots of good food and a few surprises all without having to leave the hotel. i loved it. we rested. we watched the super bowl. he surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries and a champagne toast to one more chemo. i remember writing...chemo number 1,2,3...and honestly feeling like this day would never come. and now it is almost here. on wednesday we will finish my treatments. we spend a little time talking last night about the past the six months, but mostly shared our hearts about the next six months and what we would love to see happen. i kept saying to justin how i have changed so much and i feel like i am different in so many ways and anxious about what that looks likes and what that means. mostly its just about our new view on life. we talked about how we were given a second chance. as individuals. a couple. and a family. its all a gift now. and we want to live like we did the moment we heard the words...its lymphoma. because in that second we changed. we understand now what it feels like to know that you may not have tomorrow. and how justin may have been a widower at 27. and ava may have never known her mommy. but that is not how our story went. and i can not help but cry and feel my heart ache with gratitude that our story did not turn out that way.

so here's to wednesday!

but ava is screaming so i am done writing now. she is sweet but sometimes not. but it really does not matter because to us she is still our precious baby. who is walking by the way. video to come...


  1. Oh, I love hotels too! So glad you guys got to spend a little special time together. You have a wonderful story Libby, and have inspired so many other people. Thanks for sharing with us. I have to go now because, I, too have a baby crying!

  2. So happy for you!! Your hearts in this situation are so inspiring. I love the way you view life.
    Love you all! Get it, Lib!! Go kick that last chemo in the butt!!

  3. I cannot wait until your toast to "one more chemo" becomes a toast to "no more chemo!"
    : )

  4. It's crazy how Jesus is showing his hope and love through you so clearly.

  5. Praise the Lord for one more. One more Libby!

    What a wonderful, awful road this has been and the faithfulness of our awesome God has shown so brightly as you shared this road with all of us.
    Thank you for telling your story. For being so brave to show us the raw reality of fighting this enemy and the glorious splendor of living a life for the Lord.
    Praises will reign on Wed!!!
    Blessings from Virgina

  6. so grateful that Wednesday is coming. You have fought an amazing fight Libby in that you've let Christ carry you the whole way. What a testimony you, Justin and Ava are to "life to the full." Love you and praying that, one more time, God will use crazy poison to give you new life.

  7. You know I follow you now, and trace God's grace in your life and witness, and hold you in my heart. Cancer begins with Can...and you prove it, You Can...because God Can. Love ya, Libby! Hey, did your husband go to Asbury?

  8. Libby, one more time. Soon spring will be here and you can enjoy the view and the warm breeze on the back porch of the river house. I miss you all! Prayers for you LAST chemo.

  9. i remember finding your blog right when your treatments were starting. and look at you now.. 1 more left! you've clearly rocked this, libby. you've inspired so many people along the way. Your Christianity has shined through this whole process. Anxiously awaiting to see the good news on Feb. 23! Praying for you Wednesday and always!

  10. That's so sweet:) I can't hardly wait until Wednesday, I am so happy for you libby.
    God bless your family.


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