Sunday, February 27, 2011

off to louisville.

justin is in colorado for young life so ava and i are heading to kentucky to see family. i hope she does okay on the plane. thank goodness for dvd players. i would prefer not to be alone for a week so we are off to celebrate. celebrate no more cancer. my mothers birthday. my father in laws birthday. my nephews birthday. my sister sara is prego. yay! (she is the one who takes all our fabulous family pictures and changes our blog header every so often. check out her website HERE. and if i forgot any other reasons to celebrate i am sorry. although i clearly wish justin could be with will still be nice to be with family and celebrate life. and how thankful we are that i am healthy. that my family is healthy. we will never take health for granted again. i promise. 

also thank you for the emails and cards lately. so many emails starts with..."you don't know me but..." and i love it. i love that people are sharing their hearts and its been such a huge source of encouragement to me. it really has made all the difference. 

not having cancer anymore is a miracle. its a miracle that cancerous cells were in my body and because of some horrible and life saving poisonous drugs the cancer is gone. its unreal to me. its not how all cancer stories end. but ours ended in life and i get chocked up writing that. 

i never really asked why me when i was diagnosed but now i find myself asking why me for being cancer free. its a game you can not really play with yourself. there is no answer really. it goes back to trusting God with your life. whatever that looks like or how it ends up. He is in control and we are not. so i will remain thankful and rejoice! but will mourn with those whose stories end differently. but either way its the same God. He gives and He takes away. but i trust He knows what is best even when i do not understand. even for a second. and i guess i have to be okay with that. lately we have heard of a few people close to us and some not so close to us who have just been diagnosed with cancer. and it hits much deeper now. no matter what your pain is or was if you have gone through something you know the reality of that pain in a different way. that is how we feel about cancer now. i hurts much deeper now because i know what the road ahead looks like and feels like. but you are not alone. i promise. my dr. asked me if i would be interested in talking with a young women at his office who was just diagnosed with lymphoma and i hope it happens. i want to listen to people. i want to hear their hearts. i want to share our story and our experience. although everyone is different and no two experiences are exactly the same...i feel like God has done so much through cancer for us that i want to talk to anyone who will listen. so please keep emailing and reading and sharing our story. we sense something bigger is going on here...

change of subject. angie told me that right now over 30 people are running in nashville on "team libby." i am blown away. thank you for training and for running. i have never run more than a few miles in my life so i really admire all you runners. it is awesome.

and sorry about the tabs at the top. they are still under construction. we will try and finish them up real soon.


  1. I L O V E that your story isn't ending with being cancer free. What a blessing to share the Lord with others who are just now starting what you just finished. You're amazing.

  2. Safe travels I can't think of a better way to spend a week than with the Ryder's and Floyd's. Enjoy.

  3. I LOVE your new look and new header photo! Love the quote "Don't waste your Cancer, or your LIFE" so great! I am so happy you are Cancer Free! Yay that you are gonna go see fam, you need that, you need to celebrate, lots of parties, you deserve it!


  4. i wish i could see you in louisville! sounds like you have a pretty busy week planned though. have so much fun with your family, i'm sure that time is precious! love you all!

  5. have a safe trip and enjoy
    celebrate ....god !!!!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing you and Ava this glad you are coming to Ky. I think that you will be so helpful to the woman who was just diagnosed. We use "peer visitors" with our patients all the time. It is another way to be give maybe give someone peace at a time they desperately need it. Such a great idea!

  7. Man, I've definitely asked myself "why me" since getting sick with a chronic illness. It's not just "oh it doesn't seem fair" (though it doesn't) its just I don't understand how this is supposed to help me grow closer to God. I mean, I hope it does, but right now it seems that it is more difficult than beneficial.

  8. Love the story in the paper. ENJOY the time with your family!! I want to see you guys when you get back.

  9. I love the name of your blog; that is what caught my attention. I also love your web design! It is awesome. I have just begun to blog! So, we'll see how it goes. I notice that you came to Louisville recently to visit family. We live in the Louisville area (Shelby County). So, just wanted to say hi! Also, to THANK YOU for being such an inspiration. So many of us that deal with cancer forget to TAKE what we can from the grow in our relationships with others and God. THANK YOU from reaffirming that Cancer did bring me blessings.


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