Friday, February 25, 2011

one week.

its our one week anniversary. it's true. its been one week since we heard my doctor say..."yup, you are cancer free." its still crazy. last night at cliff's little surprise birthday party someone said, "hey congratulations" as they walked out the door and i stopped for a second and thought...congrats for what? and then remembered...oh, right because i don't have cancer anymore. how funny is that? and also awesome that i forgot. even if only for a second. i love how a few people have said things like..."its good to have you back" is good. i never knew it would be like this. different in every way now that the cancer is gone. but still so much the same. its still me. its still us. just hoping we are a bit stronger and wiser now. i am not worried about the discomfort in my hip. i am not thinking about what if it comes back. i am done. for now i am done with cancer. at least until may 25 when we see the doctor again. or until tomorrow when i may feel entirely different about all things cancer. who knows. but for today i am done. and its friday. and its warm. and i can't wait to go outside with ava when she wakes up. what a foreign feeling. as i had become so used to just making it to bedtime so i could finally be done for day. its nice to not feel like that. 

ava loves dogs. we do not own one and we do not really want to. we like animals just fine but not really interested in having any pets right now. but you might think we did own a dog because ava is not the least bit scared of them. she likes when then lick her face and she has no problem putting her entire hand into a dogs mouth (we are watching her. do not worry). not necessarily a good thing. i was telling justin as we were driving home today we need to some how teach her to have maybe a healthy fear of dogs. nah. not ava. as far as we can tell she is pretty fearless. which is great since we live on the water. we need to some how create a healthy fear of that too.

when we say to ava..."what does the doggy say?" she responds with  "woof woof." its adorable. we then proceed to say "what does the ducky say?" she responds with "woof woof." perfect. now all animals are dogs. we are working on that. but regardless we love it.
our blog is getting a little makeover. so bare with us until its ready to go. 


  1. Welcome back, Libby. I vote for "healthy respect" rather than "fear"...we like fearless women! Besides, it is pretty hard to fear Katers.

    Oma & Papa

    PS See you & hug you in 5!

  2. Oh no! Where is Chris Cleave's quote? I miss it already. Not complaining or criticizing, just observing...and mourning.

    but on a more positive note - THANKS for posting all the header photos...I've been waiting patiently (Haven't nagged much really, have I?) and really appreciate this.

    Thanks to Sara as well, since you have been behind these great photos. They helped carry me through the last many months. Thank-you!!


  3. God is great! I still get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I read the words "I am cancer free". Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanking God for his blessings.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! (and the fonts :) )

  5. Libby, I'm so excited for you guys! I can feel the joy coming out of your words. I haven't see you in a while, but I can picture your smiling face as I read, and you look beautiful! I miss you!
    I love the new title, btw. I look forward to reading what God will inspire you to write about not wasting our lives.
    Also, I couldn't pick a favorite picture. They all make me smile ;)

  6. Praise the Sweet Lord Jesus Christ! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! God does answer prayer and gives us the strength to get through trials and tribulations far beyond our comprehension.

    Found you through Jen B. So glad that I did ... I just read your story and wow, Lady you are one AWESOME WOMAN! Seriously. Looking forward to continuing to read about this next chapter in your life.

  7. Libby, Justin & Ava - I am new to this blogging world (I'm more of a facebook person)...I found your site through a friend's friend...I really don't remember how I got here. But I found it on Tuesday...and I have read every word, watched every video, shed many tears and watched your beautiful baby girl grow up right before my eyes. (She is such a blessing to cool of God to give her to you when He did!! His timing is perfect!) But, dear Libby...I have watched you grow too! I love, Love, LOVE your honesty and authenticity. I have never had cancer...I watched my step-mother die from it. It is hard...for all involved, but I loved hearing how it has changed you. I changed me too. I pray that I can again find that deep trust and "free-ness" in my own walk with God in the season I am in right now...thank you for the reminder to us all to Trust...and that sometimes trust is riddled with doubt and questions. I can't wait to see where God will take you and His story for your lives! Thanks to Justin for showing us how our husbands feel when we are struggling with our pain...physical or emotional. Praise the Lord for your answered prayer! Blessing to your family!!!

  8. libby i love the makeover! can't wait to see it all finished! you're such a beautiful woman of Christ and God is so good for clearing cancer!


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