Thursday, February 17, 2011

tomorrow is the big day.

wont it be such a bummer if for some reason we do not get the results tomorrow. i think it will be real sad. but sometimes things like happen. especially with doctor type things. but i will email my nurse and doctor first thing in the morning. or i might right now when i get done typing so its in their inbox already. thank you for the emails, texts, calls, thoughts and prayers. we feel so very loved. i can not even tell you. when i was driving home from walmart tonight...i needed some spray paint for a few of my decorating projects tomorrow...i was overcome with emotion. just thinking about how big the news of tomorrow is for our family. and for those of you who love us and care for us. whether you know us or not you have walked this road with us both near and far. and we feel it. so thank you. my mom called me today and asked how i was feeling about getting the results from my scan and said..."oh, i had not really thought about it." which is good i guess. but i think its more like i happened to not be thinking about it that very second when she asked me because i have for sure been thinking about it. although we have every reason to believe i will good to go...i have a titch of anxiety about it all. which is normal i think. it's just going to be huge to know that based on what medical technology can tell us my body is cancer free. how far we have come. how ready we are.

today was a big day for ava. she technically played outside for the first time. please don't judge. we have not done a ton the past few months. and she was not real mobile when it was warm out a few months back and since its been cold she has learned to walk and move around a lot now this girl is ready to explore a world she barely new existed. for example, bubbles...we blew bubbles together this afternoon and she laughed at them. it was precious. she likes to suck on the wand so we will work on maybe not going that. also sidewalk chalk and rocks (we have them in our landscaping and she likes them. she likes to put them in her mouth. so we will work on not doing that too. wagon rides (justin put her wagon together tonight and she loves it). we went to the park today and she went in the swing for the first time and is obsessed with that too. i let her crawl around at the park in the wood chips. but i was worried about her getting a sliver (i guess most people saw splinter, but i was taught it was a sliver. so ava will too. i am not that mom. but i am a little bit. her leggings got dirty today too from crawling around outside. she can walk but crawls when she wants to get somewhere quickly. she has never really gotten dirty besides from food or whatever and i can't wait for everything that is ahead as the weather gets warmer and she discoveries so many new things. it was a good ava day and a good husband day. i got home tonight from painting pottery with some women from church and to my surprise the house was spotless. seriously so neat. it was such a gift. he redeemed himself because this morning when i woke up i realized he had not taken the trash to the curb. instead he walked past it at least four times and simply forgot. so the house cleaning was a serious bonus.

my husband...we are so close to putting all this behind us. although cancer is apart of who we are now i am praying we are about to enter into a new chapter of life and all that it brings.

my ava...thank you for the joy you bring to our lives. it is not always easy but you have been the greatest gift in all of this...well besides seeing how much the Lord loves us. 


  1. I am thinking and praying for you, Libby (and for Justin and Ava). I pray that your scan comes back clean. I also pray that God's grace, peace, comfort and patience will be with you from here on out. I'm blessed to call you friend!

  2. So praying that everything will go as planned and you'll be able to get your results tomorrow! And of course that it will be great news! Hope you all are being blessed with God's peace and patience in the meantime while you wait to hear...

  3. I am praying for you tonight. You are an inspiration to me.

  4. Praying now in Italy. May your eyes ever be aware of God's all-sufficient grace continuing to carry you...

  5. Dear libby,

    I told dad that I talked to our "old libby" this morning...for hours. Hasn't happened since cancer reared its ugly head. Thank you for that gift of time, energy and heart. The fact that you managed to chat while you played in the park, drove (is that legal in VA?), got groceries, fed Ava, put her down for a nap, and when I asked about Ava you told me your park-exhausted darling had been sleeping for an hour...well I knew you are feeling more like yourself again. Praise God!

    It's the middle of the night and decided this night calls for a sleep aid...have been reading and then praying but not sleeping. Should get some rest now but not before saying how much I love you and how I long to hear words "negative PET scan." But trust that God has ready prepared the grace for later today...whatever the report.

    Love. Mom oxox

  6. i'm reading this friday morning anxiously waiting what the scan says. we are praying for you and hope that you are able to feel God's peace as you wait. love you all! ~ the cook's

  7. Praying God's richest blessings on you, Justin and Ava this morning!

  8. hoping for great results.
    praying in dc....

  9. wonderful libby , i read these backwards , but im so happy for you.
    you rock this life :)
    love and blessings
    the doughtys

  10. so the computer has been acting i haven't been able to read the blog as soon as it's updated...anyway i love that you got to play outside...i love that she got dirty...i love that you are experiencing JOY! xoxo...


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