Thursday, August 5, 2010

Program for Ava

I miss my guys at saranac. As many of you know, Libby and I were supposed to be at saranac doing program for the month of August. We are missing meeting all of the work crew, summer staff, and being with the camp staff. They have become like family. I'm so thankful for 'mes' who stepped in last minute and is doing my characters and parts. What an opportunity for a future YL staff guy! Mostly we will miss getting the chance to make kids laugh and break down walls for the Gospel. That is what program is all about. I can remember doing program before I knew there was such a thing, and have enjoyed it. I am thankful for Cliff as well, who is working hard to fill the gap. I miss working with you man!

I am so blessed to spend so much time with Ava, she is without a doubt responding different to me, after being around so much. I can almost tell she is more comfortable with me, and trusts me more. Its a JOY to spend this much time with her, and a blessing I am thankful to God for.

I can't figure out how to post video on this thing but see this link below for the response of my "new" program audience (of one).


  1. We moved to a new town last year - A "Young Life-less" town. We so need you guys to "to make kids laugh and break down walls for the Gospel" here! You missions is a blessing!

    I'm praying for you guys! Praying blessing, healing, peace and rest - God knows exactly what you need!

  2. Steve from Mesa,Az.August 5, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    Libby, My name is Steve from Mesa, Az. I'm a stage 4 Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma Survivor. In 2005 I was blessed/gifted with cancer. By laying my cancer at the foot of the Cross and knowing my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was in control was a huge comfort to my wife,daughters and myself. I've been able to bear my testimony to those with cancer spreading the Good News of our Loving God. His plan for each of us is perfect in every way! My family and I are praying for complete healing for you.
    Your brother in Christ, Steve

  3. ryder, i seriously just laughed so hard. i LOVE that video... and i just a glimpse of you doing that matchstick trick from program last year for ava.

    made me laugh some more...

    can't wait for our kids to marry each other!

  4. I laughed out loud too. Also. One word...


    If you dont remember that i'll be so sad.

  5. what a blessing that little girl is. that laugh...better than medicine!
    love you baby ava.
    love you, too, jus.

  6. What a blast to see and hear Ava in full motion. Love the pictures of all of you. Hang in there Libby. Today, while reading your blog, your mom just happened to call Brookside! I told her that I hope you all have a wonderful time next week. Keep on posting...

    Brenda H.

  7. Awesome Video! You are all a blessing to me on a daily basis. Give Ava a kiss for me and a hug for each of you! ~Shirl

  8. Ava will be strength for the two of you. Awesome Video Justin! I still am waiting to see some Harry Carry and you are funnier than your dad! :-) ~Shirl

  9. I love this made me think of, "Siiiiiiiiiiiiggnnnnneeeed, Creeeeepy!" :)

  10. ava- i just watched your video like 10 times, just so i could memorize your sweet laugh & are a combination of the very best of your mommy & daddy...and now we know why your hair has is waiting to come in, so that the ryder family can sport the bald look together!!!

    your mommy is going to have some rough days ahead, and so is daddy, just promise me you'll keep smiling & laughing with your entire soul to show them what really matters in this life...loving Jesus and their baby girl so well! hugs & kisses..c u soon...luv aunt becky

  11. Dear Ava,

    You are my kind of woman! Embrace life with all the joy and laughter you can manage. Wish I had a video of your Mom at your age, she was so adorable...just like you!

    See you Satnite/Sun morning. Have you arranged with your Mom & Dad to stay up until Papa & I get there a bit after midnight? Then the party will begin!

    Love - Your Oma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo & Katers

  12. has to be one of the most pure sounds, a childs laughter. always brings a smile to my face!

  13. Awesome...nothing more amazing than the laughter of a child!!!

  14. Libby ,
    I am keeping you , Justin and Ava in my prayers. This video made me laugh, you have an adorable little girl on your hands :)! I see how much you love God. And i believe he will take care if yall
    xoxo ,meg

  15. hahaha... What a sweet sweet little girl. I laughed so hard when she wiggled the walker thing too much. then caught herself and laughed harder. :) I'm a new follower of your journey, libby.. Have been reading from the beginning and hope I can send prayers from Sweden (originally from Ohio..) .. but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.. i have a lot more to read.. and that's what I'm going to do the rest of the morning :)

    p.s. I went to Saranac when I was in highschool!!! it was the such a wonderful week and will never forget it!!



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