Thursday, August 5, 2010

its raining here & i love it

two of our good friends just left our house with justin to go pray. they were the ones that were bringing sushi and they did and it was perfect. especially since i have not eaten since prom night. a dear friend of ours, a sophomore in college organized a prayer night for me. for me? really? i am not sure what to do with this. how i feel i mean. that people would come together to pray for my healing and for my family. as justin was walking out the door to leave i said to him, "can you believe that this is our life?" and i cant. to be honest its all too much. other people get sick, not me. we plan prayer nights for people, but not for our own family. but in the midst of it all i am very thankful for jesus and for community. he meant for us to live in community so that we would never go through valleys alone. and this is what brings us together i guess. its still very strange that its me. i am not sure i will ever get used to it. but thankful that i am surrounded by a community of people who love the Lord and love my family. we will beat this. i will not stop fighting. even when it hurts and i am very tired. i will keep going. i promise. many people have said to me, God never gives us more than we can handle. not true. i may already blogged about this actually. but anyways i cant handle this. its too much for me. so because its too hard for me and for justin to handle, we are brought to our knees. the only hope we have is in Jesus. if you read nothing else ever again on this blog please read this. Jesus is the one thing. nothing else will satisfy you. i promise. and that is what i am holding onto tonight as i sit in my living room and the rain is pouring down onto our sky lights, a sound i love. my sweet ava is sleeping and people in chesapeake are gathered in a small church to pray for me and my family. praying big prayers. our God is a God of miracles and that is where my hope is found.


  1. rain on the river soon.... that won't be hard to get used to, will it?

  2. Libby, I am so so sorry for all you have to go through with this. But I am so grateful that you are going through it with grace and a loving husband, daughter, and community of family and friends around you. Just know we are praying for you here. And know that you don't always have to be a pillar of strength and composure. Your honest comments about what is going on in your mind, even if not so strong or brave, are important and help us in our prayers for you. Much love! I do so appreciate you keeping us posted. My medical mind, of course, wants to know details. And if I can help in any way (granted I'm not an oncologist) let me know.
    Love, Erika

  3. Libby,

    Although we have never met, I want to let you know that my husband and I are praying for you and your family. I read on a previous post of yours that you are a bit unsure about this blog, all I can say is that your testimony will touch many souls, I know God is speaking to me thru you. As I read my bible tonight I came across this verse, and want to share it with you:

    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Jeremiah 29:1

  4. This post makes me think of the song, "Bring the Rain" by MercyMe.

    I'm sitting in my living room tonight thinking of you. I pray that you feel an indescribable amount of love through your sisters and brothers in Christ! Woman to woman... wife to wife...mother to mother... Child of God to Child of God... I feel connected to you sweet Libby. I promise to be a prayer warrior for you.

  5. I know that you do not know me but I came upon your blog from Brit....

    From reading I can already tell that you are a strong woman and our God has a plan.

    I will be reading and praying for you, and your strength!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Libby, Justin, and Ava
    I am so amazed by your strength. I am freinds with Sara and Tommy. I pray for you tonight for strength and guidence as you walk thru this difficult journey. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is truely the best medicine you could ever ask for. He is the ultimate healer and I have witnessed that first hand being a nurse. I can see thru reading this blog what an amazing wife, mother, and most of all Gods daughter that you are. My family has witnessed first hand the power of prayers and I lift you and your family up tonight in prayers for healing and miracles. heavenly father please enbrace this family with healing and your gentle hands. Give us all peace that you are in this. Let us see daily your Grace and love in all of this. Please help heal Libby and help us all to do your will thru this walk with this family, In Jesus name Amen. I will continue to pray daily for you and your family. Charissa

  7. Dear sweet Libby,
    I have to confess that if I were there in Chesapeake, I would be torn between praying for you at the church, and staying with you and washing your hair. Is that weird/creepy/unspiritual? KK and I talked about you today and we're both praying for Jesus to make you tough in Him each day. And continued prayers for little Ava to sleep like a dream.

    love you

  8. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." Romans 8:26

    Kinda good to know that the Holy Spirit is interceding for you! We'll continue to pray for your healing, too.

    Jan & Henry

  9. Dear Libby,
    Hi m name is summer you may not know me but ryder does I heard about what your going through and was in utter shock, crystal told me about your blog and I'm glad she did this blog is amazing and at first I didn't understand how you could be so strong until I realized that Jesus IS helping you and I would like to let you know that you are my new role model I just wish that I could be half as in touch with Jesus as you are, I wish you the best of luck and your in my prayers,

  10. Libby,
    I had Leukemia when I was 23. I've been in remission for 3 years. God is still in the healing business. No doubt about that. And reading your words has brought a flood of memories back. You are spot on with how you feel, what you experience, when cancer happens. I am almost in tears as I went back through to see your journey so far. Now I have 2 beautiful boys that are my sunshines. Yea, it sucks. But HE has you in HIS grip and HE won't let go. You can do this. Stay strong


    P.S. I am a scarf girl too ;). Hated wigs. Sport that bald head with pride. You will be beautiful.

  11. Just found your blog through "Dave and Brit Plus One." I have had many family members, including my father, fight against cancer. Your words are inspiring. Many prayers for you and your family.

  12. Dear Libby,

    I know you will not give up. When my Physical Therapist asked if he needed to give his "Don't give up speech"...I replied that "Give Up" is not in my vocabulary and it's not in yours either. We will all be there with you at your side as you beat this thing!


  13. Dear Libby,
    I saw a friend of mine had posted your blog on Facebook. So I read. And I wept. And I prayed. We may never meet, but as your sister in Christ, I am committing to keep you, your husband and your beautiful little girl in prayer, daily. Thank you for writing and for sharing the hope of Christ even in a time so challenging as the one you face now. Know that you will not battle alone, for there are many who will battle alongside you in prayer. I am looking forward to what the Lord continues to do in and through this. You have encouraged me with the words you have written. Thank you for the your faithfulness to the Lord! May He fill you daily with His strength and His joy.

    ~A Sister in Prayer


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