Thursday, August 5, 2010

grace (from Justin)

Some of our family in Christ planned a prayer service for my sweet wife. It was humbling, encouraging, calming, and really just wonderful to see adults and students praying, and just to see them! Alex, Ariel, JT, and Jacob (I hope I didn't leave anyone out) did such a great job and I really admired their leadership in the midst of this. WORSHIP made this about JESUS and not Libby, and that I think made her so happy. If you were there tonight.... thank you so much for your prayers! I enjoyed the worship as well. It will make the difference.

I prayed tonight for the "grace to accept grace, gracefully." Its hard to just let people help but so freeing. We want to love people well as they pray for us. We received grace tonight.

Tonight was a great night for the Lord.

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  1. That's so awesome. I don't know y'all but I feel that I do since I've been following your blog. Our family prayed for Libby tonight as well, and I can only imagine how many prayers are lifting her up. Stay strong knowing how many people that you've never met are praying to an amazing God for your family and for Libby. I'm praying that tomorrow will be a good day for her.

    In His name,

  2. Libby's Dad and I would have done anything to be there tonight...but, fortunately (?), we did not know in time to jump on a plane and attend. Thanks for the update so we could share in it a little. Thanks to those who organized and attended this worship service.

    Being in Washington right now is a lot like "sucky formula." It works, I guess, but it doesn't taste right...See you Saturday!!!!!

    A friend shared this passage with me via e-mail today...

    Lord, you will give perfect peace
    to anyone who commits himself to be faithful to you.
    That's because he trusts in you.
    Trust in the Lord forever.
    The Lord is the Rock.
    The Lord will keep us safe forever.

    Isaiah 26:3,4

    L&J...May God give you His Perfect Peace tonight as you rest in His arms.

    Love and prayers from Mom & Dad

  3. The song "It's Better Than a Hallelujah" comes to mind when I read about the service. I am sure our Lord was smiling all the way through it! I just got back in town - sorry I could not be with all of you. Know that I love you and have been praying for you. LOVE your blog - so precious.

    Be still and know the He IS GOD.
    Big Hug,
    Ann Wiggins

  4. My son is Jake Todd, he shared your story with me yeterday, Justin has been a great mentor to him and this has affected him deeply. We are praying for you


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