Saturday, March 3, 2012

what i love. right now.

my sister is here along with her family. things are better when i am with my sister. there is one more by blood and i get to see her real soon too (MI here we come) and then my other sister...a real special bonus when i married her brother five years ago.

so let's share our time together so far. my nephews are here...and ava is in love. this is when i wish more than anything we all lived in one city. not three.

upon arrival ava got a new little matilda jane dress. in love. those eyes...i caught her in a mid concerned face for where jack and wade were...she likes to keep tabs on whereabouts.

then we headed to the park and it was a perfect night for it. pictures are from justin and he is way better photographer than me.

 naturally i tried to get into a baby swing and got stuck. i needed my sister and justin to help me out.

 my heart. it broke a little when i saw this.

next day we headed to Pump It Up an inflatable jump house and we got a workout. ava was a little uncertain in the beginning but at the end she was climbing up the giant slide all by herself and asking for..."one more time...."

 there was some fear of the giant thing that blew hair or its official name: Cyclone Blast. ava and wade were terrified so they watched from the outside with a bit of concern.

great to be with family. i like having my sister close. we got our nails done yesterday in between working for a little and naps (although ava never slept. instead kicked the wall from her crib and shattered a picture. nice).  i went with navy on my nails. it's the new black in my book.

chris and justin took them bowling and out to dinner while i hosted a CAbi show. my sister is doing her thing and selling a great line of clothes called CAbi. it was a super fun night with friends and i am thankful for the new relationships that are really beginning to grow in our new home.

off to panera. we are enjoying the rain.

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  1. Libby, you are absolutely beautiful! I love your hair that length!!! So sophisticated and stunning! Mwuah!


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