Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my precious little girl. an update.

 during the monday snow day we started the day in our bed and ended it in our bed. 
it was a special day.

the last time i did this was in august. it is now march and it is time for another. this is to help me remember as i have already forgotten so much.

here are some highlights of ava at 26 months or 2 years and 2 months.

you can count to 20. you know all your letters. lowercase and uppercase. you know all your shapes and colors...even grey, cream, and navy.

you often say..."sorry about that." and "bless you." and "oh, we love each other."

you say ava for everything. "ava do it." help ava please." you often refer to everyone else as ava.

you say precious things like: "pick you up." oppose to pick me up.

you sleep with five stuffed animals and two blankets. you ask to be covered up every night when we lay you down. animals include: owl, monkey, ducky, happy feet (penguin), and this super soft pink and white dog. you LOVE your crib. unless you decided to climb out you are not going anywhere.

you usually nap 2-3 hours and go to bed around 8-8:30pm and sleep until at least 8am if not later. about once a week it is closer to 10 or so. you are an incredible sleeper. we did nothing to make this are just a good sleeper little one.

you love to help me cook and bake. you think muffins are cupcakes.

you can basically say any and every word. if we ask you to repeat any word you are able to do it.

you like to play outside, especially in the backy-yard.

you love all animals and finding the moon every night in the sky before bedtime.

you can "read" the book...polar bear polar bear and brown bear brown bear. along with goodnight moon.

you like to talk about the potty and even tell me when you are going pee or poop but you are not the least be interested in going on the potty. we are not forcing it.

you eat really well and are willing to try new things. but your staples are: pancakes, waffles, bagels, cereal, cheese, mac and cheese, chicken, bananas, strawberries, and veggies. but do a great job eating whatever we eat. you love guacamole from chipotle.

favorite special treats include: ice cream and dora fruit snacks. 

you are not the best listener all the time.

biggest issue: sharing, pushing, and running away from us.

you LOVE to read books.

sweet things you have said recently:  "mommy your nails look so pretty." and "oh, thank you so much mommy."

you love to watch movies and your favorite shows are elmo and mickey mouse club.

you occupy the time out stairs at least once a day.

when you are not behaving you are trouble. but when you are good. it is so good. you have a gentle spirit and i was worried you be so busy and active that you would miss that. but you love hugs. kisses. friends and your babysitters.

real flexible. has a lot of different people watch her and she does great with new people.

when you use your manners without prompting i feel like i deserve a reward.

you like to play with your kitchen, blocks, play food, and you LOVE to dance.

you have a healthy obsession with every baby you see or hear..."baby crying?" you often say when you hear a baby in the store or in the nursery at church.

i am not the same since becoming your mom. i recently told your godparents that i would go through labor and delivery a million times over because of the intimacy your daddy and i felt as we prepared to welcome you into this world. (disclaimer...i would rather not parent a million kids but we had such a remarkable labor and delivery experience...that i can not think or talk about without getting emotional). i am also anxiously awaiting the news we will get on thursday that we can begin growing our family yet again. praying you will get to be a big sister. you will be the best.
but for now. it is just you. i am so proud of you ava. you are beginning to become a very loving and caring little girl. you love life. you move at one speed and it is fast. you are pretty busy and rarely sit still. but you are getting better at it when we watch a movie or cartoons in the morning. there are many more unprompted hugs and kisses given to mommy and daddy. you love to play and run around. you love older kids and i love to see the awe you have when it comes to playing with older kids. you have the best laugh. i am bias. always will be. but ava you are fun. you are pretty fun and have a personality that attracts people to you and you are only two. i will try and be patient as we see those attributes form and grow into the little women you will be one day. but for now you are no longer my baby. well you are still my baby but mostly you are becoming a little girl. with passion. spunk. energy. and a desire to engage and love people. all this and you are just 2. what a life you have ahead of you. i am humbled and honored to be your mom. thank you for making that a reality.

***PET scan tomorrow. praying for continued good health and the go ahead for expanding our family.***


  1. Can't wait to hear good news as well, I'm a quiet follower but couldn't resist the urget to comment with an almost 2 year old little girl as well and another one on the way I can so relate to this joy and pride in watching your daughter grow only hoping to watch them grow as an older sibling. Good luck at your scan and prayers your way!!

  2. So Sweet! My little boy (2.5 years old) always says "hold you mommy" and "I want to pick you up"...Best wishes tomorrow!

  3. I am praying that you can expand your family! My son does the same type of thing when he hears a baby crying he makes a sad face then purses his lips and then says "oooooooohhhhh" in his sad voice, it's so cute! :) I hope you have a good rest of your week.

  4. I loved this Lib! I love getting to hear about all of Ava's cuteness and quirks and how smart and loving she is. I love that I get to feel like I'm part of seeing her grow up, even though I don't actually get to be there. She is such a special person, and I can't wait to see how she continues to grow and change as she gets older. I constantly find myself showing my friends the pictures of her on your blog, and without fail they all say she is the cutest child they have ever seen. (I have to agree.) I miss you guys so much! Definitely praying hard for tomorrow!! I can't wait for another little Ryder! Also, I love that you said Ava even knows grey, cream, and navy. I feel like it would be impossible for her to not, considering that those are your favorite colors after all haha. LOVE YOU!

  5. Sending you prayers for tomorrow!

  6. she is precious and beautiful~ prayers for you all as well!


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