Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i missed you.

hope you have not been annoyed by my week off. i secretly get bummed when blogs i read regularly don't post for a few days, but i am back. probably goes without saying but i missed this place. this space to write. to share. to dream and where i so often surprise myself. but the time with my sister was priceless. to be present and intentional

there is nothing like a sister. truly nothing like it. if you have one...make sure she knows how much you love her and appreciate her in your life or if there has been a falling out...maybe think through if the possibility of reconciliation is in the cards. just a thought. *i am sure having a brother is special too.

moving on.

for five days i was with my sister. doing life right alongside each other with our two year old babies (who are not babies anymore by the way). they are three weeks apart and it is pretty fun. although sharing is not easy for either of was life giving to be mom's together for a few days. we may live in different states, but my heart is to be right alongside her, despite the distance. i hope you know that. i hope you feel that. i hope we end up closer to one another one day. but until then...i am in it with you.

our little adventure. first we headed to DC and grabbed lunch in the park with my dear friend, libby.

travelling through the airport like a champ.

ava was the best she has ever been on a flight. maybe because it was just a good day or maybe because she becoming a little girl and understands that she needs to sit still and be quiet. whatever it was she did it. i had a moment of anxiety and fear when i realized her DVD player i thought i had charged the night before was dead. panic. quickly resolved when i gave her my wallet (which i usually do not let her play with) and she organized it into three ziploc bags...receipts, cards, and change and entertained her for at least an hour. joy.

happy to have landed safe in MI.
here is how we kept ourselves busy.



most necessary girl's night.


sista wants a dog. like so bad. probably not happening.


heading home. another dream flight with little aves.


she sat and watched dolphin tale during the entire flight. thankful it was a quick direct flight. it makes a proud when she behaves and listens and continues to grow into a precious little girl. we loved out visit. thanks for having us. now it's back to life in virginia. poor planning on our part as we arrived home monday at 10:30pm and justin turned around and left for new york at 6am on tuesday. looking forward to being together as a family tomorrow night.

***just got home from the doctor and without being all tmi on you...we are hoping to begin growing our family. like tomorrow. i will be sharing this journey right here on the blog. so stay tuned.***


  1. love fun trips like these. the ones that are good for the heart. can't wait to have one this weekend and get to see YOU! seriously. can't wait.

  2. Glad you had a good time... how could you not?! You do have a pretty great sister. (Love you Beck!). Is Jason watching March Madness in that picture? He looks like he's intensely focusing :)


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