Monday, March 5, 2012

little mister wright. (wright is the last name)


i have only thrown a few parties in my life, but my mom always did a great job with throwing parties and paying attention to the little i think it's in my blood. i love it. the colors. the deals. the crafts. the food. the guests. the invites. the joy i get from finding the perfect stickers for .15 cents from big lots or when the grocery store decides to blow up the balloons for free. all that is fun but it has much more to do with the person. the reason you are even hosting a party. for us that reason was our dear friends laura and cliff who are welcoming their first little man into the world at the end of this month. they walked alongside us through our pregnancy with ava. when i threw up  15 times in one day during my first trimester to being at the hospital the day she arrived. cliff actually told the nurse..."i am supposed to be in the room i am the godfather." i have vivid memories of a nurse coming into the room while i was delivering ava and asking..."some guy is here and says he is the godfather and is supposed to be the room." i am not sure if i was annoyed or if i laughed. hopefully i laughed. cliff ended up coming in after she was born and writing her the most precious letter. i remember the call i got from laura when we we had just arrived at the hospital and in tears she told me..."i am sick and i can't be there today." that is a friend. someone who cares so deeply that her joy i was my joy and it has been so obvious since day one that they love ava in a deep and real way. so special because we are not related. but as you know...real relationships know no bounds. our relationship is special. it started with our husbands. justin and cliff met at rockbridge, a young life camp in 2004. justin and i met at the same place in 2005. for a couple years it was the three of us. then sweet little preppy laura came along and joined in. the gift about our friendship is that i genuinely love her. not because our husband's are best friends...but because it is real. we get each other. we are so different and i love that, yet so the same. thankful for her life. thankful we can share being mommy's together. i am so thankful for her wisdom and her life and the way she loves me, justin, and most importantly our little ava. the way to a parents heart is through loving their kids. thanks for loving ava as if she were your own.

this baby shower was even better because i was not alone. a few months back my friend elizabeth and i decided to co-host a shower for our sweet friend, laura. lets clarify. elizabeth and i have only really hung out a few times. but a connection was made...she blogs as check her out at i would read it if i were you and i do read it. so it works out. in an attempt to throw a very special party for our friend...we exchanged a ton of emails, texts, pictures, food ideas, great decor finds, and even a nice organized list of who was doing what. thanks e. we are both a little detailed orientated and it proved to keep us on the same page as we planned and talked over the past two months in hopes of having fun and most of all celebrating the wright family and the precious gift they eagerly await. added bonus...we became even better friends through this shower. i love that. she is a new mom its perfect. thankful for our new friendship.

so here we go. little mister wright and his bow tie themed celebration.

day of elizabeth showed up from out of town and we went at, flowers, decor, balloons, etc.

name tags are a good touch if not everyone at the shower has met before. i got these cute little tags from staples. martha stewart line.

i saw the bow ties on coke bottles on pinterest...they were on glass bottles but i could not find glass diet coke bottles so i went with plastic. mama loves diet coke.

e hooked it up with these incredible cupcakes. ordered from a friend. so good.

we wanted to change it up and bit and do something we had never seen at a shower. so i emailed laura and asked for her to send me some of the things she and cliff had been praying about specifically for the little man. we then attached them to the cookie favors (e got the cookies too) so each guest could be praying for something specifically for little babe. we also spent some time in prayer during the shower. real special.

we had three little cute containers (from the dollar store) filled with laura's favorite candy.

e hooked it up again with this adorable. i loved it. so many comments. onesies with iron on bow ties (from an etsy shop). perfect for decor and then gift for the mom to be.

games. since most of the guests were from out of town and basically preferred to talk and catch up we did two small little games. each guest was given a bow tie with a safety pin to wear and had to not say the five forbidden words...if they heard someone say it they could take the bow tie. most bow ties won. (thanks stef and john for your help in making those adorable fabric bow ties). then a little scrambled word game.

precious picture. i love these girls. how big does ava look?

*the whole group. thanks for driving up to 3-4 hours for some of you to be here. that is friendship.*
is navy in style? what about stripes? laura you are glowing.
cliff & laura you are doing to be incredible parents. we are honored to walk alongside this new journey together. we are in this for life. lastly, thank you for being so in tune with the Lord in your life that you both heard...wait. to wait for a little baby as your best friends walked down another road. thankfully i am healthy and ready to get the hospital and help in anyway i can. but most of all to pray for you and encourage you...even at a little distance. it was a gift to celebrate this little man with some of our closest friends.

 ava patiently waiting for cliffy and lala the morning after the shower with bagels for breakfast.
(any questions or thoughts on the shower feel free to leave a little comment love
also elizabeth blogged about the shower today too...check it out HERE)


woke up to this. gorgeous i might add.


  1. SUCH a cute shower! I am so in love with all of the details...precious. So impressed with you! Hope your weekend was fabulous, sweet friend!

  2. so surprising for me to check in here today and see a picture of you and Elizabeth together! Her blogs is one of my favorite! I'm hosting a baby shower in April, I might take some of these ideas! Lovely job ladies! :)

  3. Great shower...such a cute theme and all of the details were precious. Did you use a special program to make the labels and signs? Best wishes to the Momma to be!

  4. Nice job Libby! Everything is so cute. You did a great job putting it all together. I always look through pinterest and see great ideas for putting together parties but I don't have anyone to do a party for right now! Love it all! On a second note, I have GOT to get the thing in the mail for you that I've been meaning to for a little while now. I'm really bad at getting things out as I plan to. Soon...I promise!


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