Monday, March 12, 2012

visitors. we love them.

we love having visitors. we seem to have them a lot. in a great way. last weekend my sister and brother in law were here and ava was able to play with her cousins. it was wadey's birthday, too. here are some pictures from the weekend.

the guys took the boys and ava bowling while allison and i hosted a CAbi show. ava ran down the bowling alley...not once...but twice and justin proceeded to fall on his back while trying to catch her. i wish it had been caught on video. told ya she likes to run from us. it is not a good thing.

went out on a double date saturday night. our new favorite place. it is where we went for valentines day but this time we ate in the bar in a perfect little booth with live acoustic music. um i. loved. it. full of good conversation and joy. i am thankful for my family. but it did not stay too serious when this was brought to our table. justin ordered a burger but they made a mistake so instead of one normal burger they brought him a mini burger. it was funny.


celebrating our little man on his 4th birthday. with a little debbie cake and all. we are fancy.

good. good. good. weekend.

then more visitors this past weekend. we loved it. especially ava because pam, leslie, and coleman do not mess around when it comes to loving our little aves. it was a joy to celebrate with them thursday night. thank you thank you thank you for celebrating the incredible news with us. we spent the weekend resting, helping with wedding details (leslie and coleman are getting married this fall. justin is marrying them. i am one of the maid of honors, and ava is the flower girl (precious), and talking about life and stuff that really matters.

ava waking up leslie before noon. sorry about that.

* coleman showed up friday morning after leslie sent him this video *

who could say no to that? 
how she says coleman in the beginning of the video is my most favorite part.

scarves for sale. i was overwhelmed (in the best way) with orders last month. thank you for supporting this soon to be little side business. email me @ for more info, lots of great colors available, and to place an order.

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  1. I love your posts about friends and family. But I must say my favorite thing about todays post is the picture of my "baby" Athena in her new Libby Ryder Original scarf!! Thanks again :o)


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