Friday, March 9, 2012

big news

let me begin with some clarification. i am NOT currently pregnant. however, after a clear pet scan yesterday which = no cancer and still in remission our doctor (whom we love) gave us the GO ahead to begin growing our family from three to four. we are beyond thrilled. we are thankful and in awe of what the Lord can do. what a body can do. it can heal. not all the time. we know this. but for me. for our is one of healing. a gift i will remain thankful for everyday for rest of my life.

we will be sure to keep you in the loop in regards to a possible pregnancy and a baby.

until then we will bask in the glory of news we were given yesterday and rejoice in my healing.

i took this picture on instagram yesterday as were driving out of the parking garage at the hospital and because social media is a grand thing. with its faults. i experienced a steady stream of texts, calls, emails, fb messages, and encouragement all day in regards to the news we had just heard. we were thrilled to share with those of you that have walked through the past year and half with us or those of you that just "liked" my facebook status. thank you for that. there is something unique and humbling when people simply care. not because they should or because they have to but because they legitimately want to celebrate with us. that is a gift in our life. a huge body of believers and un-believers, friends and strangers and a far grander community of people around us than we may ever realize. thank you for celebrating alongside us. it makes all the difference.

a fun weekend ahead with friends. my favorite.
let's pick out some bridesmaids dresses...shall we leslie.?


  1. Congratulations on this exciting news! I look forward to the updates!

  2. What wonderful news!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I was thinking and praying for you all day. This news makes my heart skip and beat and makes me rejoice. God is pretty awesome, as are the His people. Its amazing what can happen when a community is formed, from near and far, prayer happens, and there is an underlying stream of care and compassion. You're rocking it Libby!

  4. What a blessing! yay!

  5. What GREAT news - another reason to rejoice!

  6. Rejoicing in this wonderful news! God is so awesome with his unending gifts and love!...donna cason

  7. In your eyes, I see joy. What awesome news. May you never forget this special kind of happiness and peace.


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