Friday, March 25, 2011

a little bit of ava.

i am a little tired today. long week for me. but its a gorgeous day here on the river and ava and i have enjoyed ourselves playing outside and exploring. she is into everything and going everywhere. she is pretty fast too. she loves being outside. when i pick her up to come inside she is furious and tries to push herself out of my arms. the girl likes to be outside. we had a special request from her pop pop so here are a few pictures from today. i am no photographer. clearly. but after some encouragement by sara to take more pictures of ava in our everyday life i am trying to do just that.

as soon as ava hears an airplane she loves trying to find them in the sky

she loves to wave. excuse the runny nose.

that is such an ava face. kinda of mom what are you doing?
i actually think this is a face i make. oops.

discovering flowers/weeds.

excuse the runny nose. again.

a little more runny nose and some crumbs from breakfast. man i am in love.

enjoy your friday. its after 5pm. the week is done.


  1. Oh Libby...She is simply beautiful. Just like her momma. I am so glad that things are getting back to normal for you. It will take time but it is good to know that you are so happy. Your little princess looks just like you.

  2. Oh my gosh...she is gorgeous...runny nose and all...LOL Glad you are felling better, though tired. It will take you a while to get back into full swing, so don't be hard on yourself if you take a day off to just hang out and enjoy Ava...if you call that taking time off. I know she keeps you moving!

  3. ava is absolutely precious. that one pic with the "uhh mom" face, is TOTALLY you!! love it!! glad you are getting back to "you" and normal life. :) love you.

  4. she is beautiful! You're picture skills are wonderful too! I agree with your friend, take more pictures to remember each day! It's memories you'll cherish later! Enjoy resting from an eventful 'normal' life! Thank you for sharing your life.

  5. Such a little beauty! Happy Friday!

  6. runny nose? I didn't even notice- she's just too precious!

  7. I love the pictures...thank you so much.Thank you for sharing Justin this weekend.

  8. So sweet, I love the pictures. Some of my favorite pictures of my son he has a runny nose, not because his not is dripping but because I captured the moment and his nose happened to be running.



  9. much apologies for my lack of commenting...being without a computer on the main floor and only having a "dumb" phone, I have been struggling lately...but no excuses...i will do better...thanks for the pics of ava...i miss does you and can't wait for the pixie cut!! no matter what you'll still be gorgeous!! love u


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