Monday, March 14, 2011

new york city. to be continued.

it was amazing. best trip ever. full of surprises and real special details. justin went above and beyond. but i will blog more about the trip with some pictures at some point this week.

i decided today as i was gearing up for writing and for posting pictures from nyc that i would rather play with ava. to be totally honest i am not always the best at really playing with her...i tend to multi-task. but not today. i always seem to have errands to run and laundry to all mothers. but i want to be with her and play and really spend some intentional time playing. so many of our days seems to fill with errands and car rides because i get bored at the house and too tired to play. and sometimes do not always feel like it. can i say that? since we choose for me to stay home full time with ava. and i love it.

she is rolling around on the ground crying as i type. so i will go.

tomorrow is my last and final post cancer doctor appointment. they are removing my mediport. its this thing that is in my chest that they used to administer my chemo. please pray it goes well and there are not any issues. i got real sick last night and it hurt terribly but should not be that bad this time. then no more cancer doctors until the end of may. its almost done.

ps i grew out of those jeans i could fit in last week. nyc will do that to you. and i think its funny that as a women your weight can honestly fluctuate that much in just a few days. gotta laugh about it or its too frustrating.


  1. glad you had a nice trip. I look forward to hearing what you did :)

  2. i once gained four pounds in ONE day. I'm not kidding.

    so glad NYC was fun!!

  3. Seriously! I think I gained something like 7 lbs. when I went on my week trip to Tucson.Two weeks of being back home, with my regular diet and exercise and it's gone. Weird. So glad you had fun.

  4. I've been Zumba-ing and cut out all sugar/sweets/soda/alcohol in my diet and now fit into those jeans... but just watch next week will roll around and I'll be kicked into submission. Women's bodies are so crazy!

  5. I am so glad you had a wonderful trip! What a gorgeous new picture of you and your daughter, stunning!


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