Tuesday, March 8, 2011


this is not about me. its not that i think i am cool or special or anything like that. but we have wonderful friends (and some people we do not even know...but we would like to be friends) who are training, sponsoring, and working real hard to make this "team libby"  half marathon in nashville happen. its going to be cool. i am so pumped for it. thank you for training. especially those of you who hate to run like i do but are still doing it. i love it. i love it all. so if you would like a t-shirt PRESS HERE. our friends designed them and are getting them made. thanks for your support. even if you do not want a t-shirt.

also the nyc trip is for justin and i only. no ava. justin's mom is coming in from ky to take are of her. i am sad to leave her but so excited for some time alone with my husband.


  1. happy to run for you. cant wait to meet you in Nashville!

    PS. LOVE the new header! Ava's hat is cute! I bet she loves it almost as much as she loves yours! :)

  2. Well I haven't posted in a while. This computer gets the best of me sometimes and just up and quits on me. Perhaps it's me, but I'd rather say it's the machine. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    A marathon sounds grueling to me. And I've always been of the school of thought that gals ought not wear t-shirts like the males do but I guess if a person is running, a blouse might not be appropriate. But you are right, how nice to have the support. You have a valuable support system.
    I hope your trip to New York is fun. Be careful with your pocketbook. I've heard horror stories about people having their pocketbook snatched up on the first day and having to come home early due to no more money. Maybe your husband could carry your pocketbook so it's nice and safe? Well, have fun and enjoy yourself. You sure do deserve it.


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