Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i am back. sorta.

so since it my official week back into real life i thought i would not mess around. i will fill up the ol' schedule like the good old days. not like i am popular and think its cool to be busy. but i like that i have done more this week than i did in the the past seven months. aside from having cancer and getting chemo and stuff. that took up a lot of our time but not in a real fun sorta way. i promise i will not document my days like this again its sorta lame...because everyone is busy...but this week is monumental and special for me. i do not want to forget what we did and how it felt.

monday i did lots of laundry, cleaned the house, played outside with ava, cleaned up after ava like ten times. she can destroy the entire main floor in minutes. i just bought her the ABC magnets for on the dishwasher. i thought she would love to play with them. except she likes to grab them off and throw them across the kitchen floor. then i put them back up because i can not stand that they are all over the kitchen floor. and literally seconds later they are every where...again. so after picking them up numerous times a day i decided tonight that they will simply stay on the floor. i just push them to the corner with my feet because i refuse to pick them up...again.

then i took a little "nap." but it was a fake one because i talked on the phone and read blogs the whole time. that night i made dinner. maybe for the first time in months. seriously. thanks to meals being brought to our house and gift cards i did not go much dinner prep while i was sick. thank you for that. but i made dinner. it was linguine with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. see recipe HERE. we loved it. we ate outside on the porch. it was perfect. justin went to young life club and i got ava ready for bed. then our friend jess came over and watched ava while i went to club for the first time since last may. justin is the area director for young life which is a non denominational ministry for high school and middle school students in chesapeake. check out what young life is all about HERE. so before cancer i was real involved. i went to young life in high school and college. and have been a leader since my senior of college. so it was real hard for me to all of sudden not be a part of it at all when i was sick. that was my choice but we felt like it was the best decision throughout cancer. but now i am excited to do ministry again with my husband. i missed it. it was nice to be back. after club all the girl yl leaders came over and hung out and we had she-ville. that is what we named it. its a time to share about life, leading yl and our hearts. it is a really special time. that ended at midnight and my day was done.

side note. we had a super busy and full weekend as well. and it was great. i was up late both nights. seems lame as i am only 27 but i was real proud of myself. my energy is coming back. i seriously forgot it even existed. thanks steph, casey, leslie, will, and janis for staying at our home and spending time with us. it was so nice to have people stay at our house and not because they were caring for us post chemo.

tuesday. went to the hospital so they could check out my mediport. and its looking great. healing without any problems. i took ava. it is interesting that ava really only came to two appointments while i was sick. she did come to a couple but she waited in the waiting room with friends or justin. but the only two she actually attended was when i was diagnosed with lymphoma and the second was yesterday. my last appointment having to do with anything cancer related. i like that. she started and ended with me. we are a team and i love that. scary that i had to just stop typing and think about what i did and it was only yesterday. ava napped and i did boring things on computer and spoke with people concerning medical bills. it was annoying but necessary. then i babysat. i used to nanny for a family right when we moved to chesapeake but i stopped a few years ago. however, i do help them on and off. ava napped there and then we headed to the little gym for gymnastics. it was great. i am for sure signing ava for that. she would love it. since she does not sit still very well. justin came and picked her up to take her to a baseball game. then we met up and had dinner with all the yl leaders in chesapeake. put ava to bed and justin and i hung out and talked about our day. it was nice.

wednesday. bible study in the morning. loved it. then my friend ally came over. we talked and i folded laundry and organized my closet. i like to multi task when possible. do not worry ally i was totally engaged our conversation.  ava and i played outside. took the little boy i babysit to soccer practice. talked on the phone. justin stayed and played with ava. came home and put ava to bed. who i thought would be real tired since she only took one nap but not the case. she was down at 7:45 and did not fall asleep until 9. what is the deal? i try not to freak out because she is a little human being who sometimes does not sleep as well. i have that too. but now its almost time for top chef. oh, how we will miss top chef. only two more episodes left. its even cooler now since meeting tom.

and tomorrow starts early and ends late again. date night! i am back. and i am exhausted. may try to scale back just a bit. but i like it. i like having purpose. i like getting out. i like friends being in our home. its a part of who i am and who we are as a family.

two things to end on. number one my grandma (my dad's mom) fell during exercise class and broke her hip. real sad. i have not talked to her but i think surgery is scheduled for this week. i will call her tomorrow. and number two.  no new updates concerning my mom and her thyroid. when they return to washington in a couple weeks she will have a biopsy done and then we will do from there. thanks to all of you who have asked about her. so sweet. means a lot. 


  1. Haha that's exactly what Kaden does with his alphabet magnets..too funny.

  2. Dear Libby,

    Must clarify that it is Tim's Mom-Grandma Schaafsma (Abu)-who broke her hip. Surgery is today...most likely this afternoon.

    Have heard from folks who read your blog and wondered if my Mom's hip broke-she is doing fine with her 2 "new" hips, here with us in Hilton Head.

    Have a good day, honey! It was great visiting with you again last week.


  3. I'm so glad you have had a good week!

  4. so great that you're getting back to life before cancer. Love to hear it! (;

  5. so glad your days feel more normal to you. :)

  6. LOVE hearing you back into YL! I bet you are an amazing leader and leader of leaders! What an amazing impact you've had on girls as you've coped with cancer. You didn't step far away, they were all watching you!! When they watch us LIVE LIFE they are learning! You don't have to be at club for that! I loved getting back into club after having my babies. You miss it when you're not there! Have fun again, Libby! Have fun!

  7. Are you feeling any effects of the "chemo brain"...?? And no radiation..? Thats awesome!!! Welcome back to the real world!

  8. Dear Libby,

    I was just thinking about how much I love you. The blog always make my throat get tight no matter what the post is about. Allie Mcconnell talks about this couple in Nicaragua and whenever she sees them she feels like she's going to cry because they carried her to Jesus, and thats a little bit how I feel with you and Ryder. So when you did less YL it made me want to cry and when you go back it makes me want to cry too, in the best way. Because you guys are the hands and feet of Christ both ways. And you chose Chesapeake. Or were called to Chesapeake I guess. But Chesapeake is not everyones mission field. Because its not glamorous or exciting, and you and Ryder said "yes, jesus. we'll go to Chesapeake." Can't wait to see you again. This blog has been a part of my freshman year of college which has been probably the sweetest year with Jesus I've ever had. He's everything.

    love you, Krystal


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