Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nyc day three.

on saturday we got up and grabbed a bagel and coffee from a street cart. i love saying that. like i am from nyc and i eat my breakfast quick while walking to work in the big city. we then took the subway to brooklyn, it was our first subway adventure and it went well. we got off a little further into brooklyn than we had planned. but we like the exercise. so we walked to the water and took some pictures.

after a few pictures we finally walked the bridge. which was the origninal plan but it just took a while to get there since we got off the subway in the heart of brooklyn. we wanted to eat pizza before we walked it but the line for this famous pizza place was out the door and down half the block. we decided to grab lunch in the city. i loved seeing the city from that view.

we then made our way to little italy...justin's dream. we love italian and he loves little italy. we grab a table and we sit outside. its perfect. the sun is out. it was our favorite lunch. we ate some unreal pizza and talked and just enjoyed eating in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. we could live in nyc in a second. but we would need to go home and get ava first.

 justin finally got his cannoli. straight from little italy. and it was good. real good.

after our late lunch we headed back to the hotel. we did make that second stop to the sporting good store where justin proceeded to talk with the salesperson about a gps watch for 45 minutes. i returned text messages and emails near a rack of north face jackets. finally we took a taxi home and got ready for the next surprise (which i accidentally found out about) we headed to 30 rockefeller center for Saturday Night Live!!! we are big snl fans. the host was zach galifianakis (from the movies the hangover and due date) and the music was jessie j (we had no idea who she was. but she had a good voice). it was insane. we loved it. it was so so cool to see it all happen and what goes on behind the camera. we went to the rehearsal. before the 11:30pm live taping there is an 8:30pm dress rehearsal. the producers then cut a few skits that maybe were not as funny or did not turn out as expected. so we got to see a few more skits. it is nearly impossible to get tickets to snl...but justin got them through a friend of a friend who works for snl. so after the show he took us down to the set and we walked around backstage. it was an incredible night.

we headed back to the hotel so we could watch the live show at 11:30pm. we grabbed some pizza on our walk home and both feel asleep watching it. haha. it was a long day in the city. i felt loved. my husband knows how to love me well and i am very thankful for that.


  1. That cannoli looks so good! I can't eat chocolate, but I love cannolis.

  2. how did you manage to get SNL tickets?! how exciting! in the future, the long line at Grimaldi's is totally worth it. used to be my go-to outing with visitors.

  3. So cool! I love your pictures. NYC holds a special place in my heart because my husband flew us there (total surprise for me) when had been dating for 3 months. We got off the plane, drove to the Plaza, set our bags down and promptly walked through central park. He proposed on the bridge. Then, he took me to see Chicago on broadway. Unreal. When you said your husband knows how to love you, I thought, how lucky, so does mine! Not that this is about me. But I couldn't help but share! I can't believe you got to see SNL! Soooooooo awesome.

  4. Awww...I'm crying. I love NYC. Love that all this reminds me of one of the greatest nights of my life ...seeing Tommy on one knee with all those big city lights behind him. NYC is for lovers!

  5. Maybe stupid, but I love seeing the Verizon building in your Brooklyn Bridge picture. I went to NYC in 2007 with my sister and we have a simular one :) We are from The Netherlands (yes, people from the Netherlands are reading your blog!!) I looooove NYC!


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