Friday, March 18, 2011

because everyone loves a t-shirt.

the nashville 1/2 marathon is april 30.2011.

to get everyone real excited about the race 
our friends designed t-shirts.
  these shirts will be worn by the runners and whoever else that might be interested.

each shirt will have light orange and aqua blue writing.
they are being sold in silver and safety green (for lympthoma)

if you would like to purchase a t-shirt go HERE
 or please email angie at: with your shirt size, gray or safety green, name, and address. the t-shirts are $18. sales end march 21.2011

thank you for your support.
thank you for running.
thank you to those of you that 
are coming to hang out at the race with us.


  1. Thats awesome!! We had *Carin' For Erin* runners last year at a half marathon! Maybe next year you'll be able to participate with them...that was my goal and I did it in February!

    ps. Bright Green is lymphoma but I found that Lavender is for our Hodgkins Lymphoma! :)

  2. I am anxiously awaiting my shirt! So excited. :) And I loved all of your NYC posts.. what a fantastic way to celebrate the end of cancer. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  3. on the tshirt train. who doesn't love a tshirt....and who doesn't love the ryders??

    LOVE YOU GUYS. maybe I missed it, but any word on your mom's results?


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