Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a break.

finally. after months and months of spending most of my time in the river house we are heading to kentucky tomorrow. and i love kentucky. i only lived there for a little bit. but man it has a special place in my heart. we were not anticipating being able to travel with cancer. did not want to risk it. but my doctor said its cool. as long as i feel up for it we are good. he did give me a little antibiotic...just in case. and i can not wait to get out of here for a bit. we are going to celebrate the season with family. mostly justin's family. but my sister lives there now too and my other sister is making the drive from michigan. its going to be great. we will bring in the new year together and have another very important party. miss ava is turning one. not until next week but we are going to party a little early. i have chemotherapy on the 6th so i will probably not be in any condition to host a party. so sara offered. and we can not believe she will be one. but that is for another post.

its been a busy few days which is strange since i was snowed in until this morning. i had not left the house since friday. but for some reason it has been real busy. mostly because ava is not napping as much and therefore i can not get anything done. she likes to be attached to me as much as possible. which is sweet. really it is because i love that little girl. but it slows everything down. so i am done for today. we are packed. ready to go. crossed off everything on the to do list. best feeling ever.

almost time for top chef all stars.

i feel pretty good. tired. but i am learning to handle tired. and we are off...

little ava after her bath. thanks leslie b.


  1. im a fairly new follower. i have a son who just turned 1 and i could never imagine what you are going are an amazing mother and wife and you make me want to be better mom and wife. you are such an inspiration. i am a radiation therapist so cancer is something i am very familiar with. your sweet ava is just precious. i hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday in kentucky. the temps are rising (i live in cincinnati) so hopefully it will be a nice break from the snow in va. (which ironically my mom and stepfather live in chesapeake as well) happy holidays. i hope ava has a fabulous first birthday!

  2. We're counting down the minutes until you get here!!
    See you soon....

  3. Have a wonderful time in Kentucky! Love the picture of Ava.

  4. I read it all--I couldn't stop--thank you--I don't have the words to say why--but thank you--I had all these plans today and what I was going to accomplish--but I accomplished reading your story--and for some reason, I am ok with that...

  5. So glad you had a smooth trip to KY! Can't wait to spend the New Year with you! Love you, rest well and will see you tonight!

  6. Have a wonderful time in Kentucky - you deserve it! Happy New Year!! Love that sweet picture of Ava. Love you, Ann


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