Friday, February 17, 2012

we did it.

it has already been one year. one year ago since we heard the words: "libby, you are cancer free. it's gone. i remember sitting in my bed, like i am right now. numb to those few words. the shock i felt over
took any emotion i thought or assumed i would have. the words we had been waiting to hear since we heard..."you have cancer." i did not know what to say or what to do. the emotion came later. i  remember driving to the mall to buy a new shirt before we headed to richmond (where we are about to go today) and listening to a voicemail that simply was one of my best friends screaming for joy into the phone. no words. just intense joy. i saved the message forever. often re-playing it to be reminded of the joy and gratitude i felt that day. i was saved. many are not. but i was saved. our story is one of healing. i will never grow numb to that. i was healed. healed from cancer and now healing from the aftermath of that storm. but i want this weekend. this day to be one of joy. although the actual date of 2.18.11 takes place tomorrow, it was on this friday last year that my doctor called me with the news. 

rejoice with us & read it again HERE.

weeping as i read those words today. my heart. where i was one year ago and where i am now. my husband's heart and the numbing, quiet joy we felt on that porch on the river. still in shock. can this be true? the cancer is gone? just like our diagnosis changed everything. this day changed everything too.

please celebrate alongside us. what a joy it is to be healed. to be alive. stay close to Jesus. even if your heart is not one of joy today or of healing. He is good. All the time. He is good.


  1. What a beautiful post, what a beautiful thing to read about healing!

  2. Congrats!!! I had my 2 year check up on the 17th...its weird we are almost EXACTLY 1 year apart in this process!!! Keep kickin' booty girl~

  3. What a wonderful milestone for you and your family! May that 'intense joy' never pass away as you remember the works the Lord has done in your life.

    (...and IS doing ... and WILL do...)


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