Thursday, February 23, 2012

out of sorts

this has not been the best week for the ryder household. feeling a bit behind but trying to cease the moment when possible. so last night ava and i headed to barnes and noble for a seriously sweet night. ava has been on her A game these few days. saying little things like..."oh, excuse me, excuse me..." when she walked through a group of people at the children's museum. or her signature..."sorry about that...sorry about that." often for things she does not even have to apologize for but does anyways. she has some little ava sayings that melt my heart.

or when she gathers a few stuffed owls...just to she can read to them a bit.
 or her obsession with "cheers" anytime we both have a drink or anyone has a drink that is willing to "cheers" with her. i am always up for celebrating. whether it is a special starbucks steamed milk or her orange juice at breakfast. i like that ava and i have our own little things.  you know you are close to someone when you have those little special things.

we missed daddy. but called him and sent him lots of pictures so he could feel like he was there. before we left i dropped my iphone in the bathroom and did not thing anything of it...i have a case. so it was unfortunate to realize that my screen is now shattered. bummer. so it goes. we headed home and off to bed she went. around 3am i heard her talking a bit in bed. looked at the monitor (why a video monitor is worth every last cent) and something did not look right. she was crammed up against one side of the crib with her blanket and all her stuffed animals. she sleeps with like five animals. went down to check and quickly realized...puke. all over the place. without knowing it we realized we had a little system for cleaning up after a throw up incident. i strip sheets. give medicine. he changes diaper and pajamas. he starts laundry. i rock baby back to sleep. in the dark, rocking, and singing and then i am quickly trying to catch throw up in my hands in the dark. i realize that is gross but anyone with kids totally understands these nasty moments in parenthood. i yell for justin and he adds more clothes to laundry and we clean up. ah, the joys. all this to say our little ava is sick. a little stomach bug, nothing serious according to the doctor since her throat and ears look good. so today she was attached to me and by 6:30pm poor baby she was inconsolable. no movie. or book. or cupcake could settle her sick little soul. she asked me to make cupcakes (jiffy corn bread but she does not know the difference) so i made some quick and she was asleep before they were done cooking. asleep before 7pm and justin asleep by 9pm. it was supposed to family night out...and it was still family night. just not out. i am currently making scarves (thank you for the orders) and about to head to bed early myself. some weeks call for early nights and extra sleep. hoping it is a puke free night.

looking forward to co-hosting a baby shower this weekend. not to worry...the house will be lysoled. that's not a word. but the house will be clean.



  1. Oh I hope she feels better soon! We did that a couple weeks ago! Except we ended up getting up at 4 am and then staying up until 6 am... until he actually fell asleep on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. Plus the hubs was up sick all night too. It is so not fun! So I hope she gets better very very soon.

  2. It's always so sad when the little ones are sick. Feel better Ava!

  3. hope Ava feels better soon. looks like that you are enjoying the quick moments together. luv how she reads to the owls. so cute!! such a sweetie. (:

  4. Libby,
    after my 11 years of parenting toddlers, I must say that February is the hardest month of the year. Sickness and all the extra work it entails and how it affects moods, trapped inside bc of weather so more housework, less healthy foods, more laundry bc clothes are bigger in the winter, etc. All these things add up to add to the mom duties and decrease mood levels for mom too, at least for me! I have learned to adjust for the February blues a bit by letting go of some house stuff and planning more fun activities and being prepared for them to get cancelled for illness. You are an awesome mom, I can just tell.

    friend of YL, mom of 4


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