Thursday, February 9, 2012

today marks one year since chemo.

what a difference one year makes. this was not necessarily a year that flew by. it was full of so much change and so much uncertainty. in many ways it was a lot like 2010. the year we welcomed ava into our lives along with cancer. 2011 was a year of celebrating, healing and moving.
now two months into 2012 and so far it is one of healing. pain. sadness. joy. confusion. and fear. regardless of where i am at or how i am doing.

we celebrate one year since completing chemotherapy. yes. yes. yes.
one year down...a lifetime to go.

last year on 2.9.11 it started with this post: this from my husband. do not miss it.

then i shared this glorious news: i had finished my 12 chemotherapy treatments.

finally, late at night  i thanked you.

one year later we remain thankful for my healing, that my cancer is gone, and i am physically free of the disease. 

i finished with this last year...i miss my hair and fitting in to my favorite jeans. but the day will come when my hair will be long and i will rock my jeans again. just not for today and that is alright.

i am excited to report that i do fit into my favorite jeans & my hair is growing. slowly but surely. see...

a quick snap shot of my hair while i sit in bed and write.

thankful that today was simply spent running errands, working a little, baking with ava, and relaxing.
i like 2.9.12 much better than 2.9.11.

what a joy it will be to return again on 2.9.13 to keep on celebratin'.

goal for next year...longer hair. still fitting into my favorite jeans and maybe a little baby on the way??


  1. I think we all like this 2/9 better then last year! Can't wait to celebrate next year!


  3. yeah!! happy dance. so happy. you hair looks great. i'm working on growing mine out as well. funny how when you really want your hair to grow it seems to take forever to grow. can't wait to see where you are next year this time. fun!! (:

  4. praise God for he is good. I had you on our prayer list from the KY~ so glad you are better!

  5. What a sweet post! So happy for you Libby! I think your hair looks cute short! but the pictures I have seen of your long hair are so pretty! anxiously awaiting a post about baby #2! :) Have a good day!

  6. What a good thing to celebrate! Here's to many more celebrations on this day in the years to come!

  7. this is so wonderful. congratulations on this milestone. :] you are such an inspiration.

  8. So glad you are still with us and able to celebrate being cancer free for a year!!!! Hope there are many more years of this same celebration :)

  9. god is good. so glad you are healthy and healed. i love you.

  10. Congrats congrats!! Your hair looks great short...mine came back so curly after chemo!! One more year to hit that milestone...It will fly by!! I just celebrated my 2 year on feb 3rd...time for babies!! :)


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