Saturday, February 4, 2012

because you rallied around us.

i do not do this often. but today it felt right. many of you rallied around us. without evening knowing us you came alongside our story. here is another families story. 
another lovely family just like ours and just like yours. they continue to be a lovely a bit of a bump in the road. not what they planned. not what they expected. but as we all know far to can change in a second. here is another story of how everything can change...but our God...He remains the same.

Mike Zegarski is the former Young Life area director (same job as Justin) in Naperville, IL. On March 21, 2006 he suffered a brain aneurysm. Michelle, Mike's wife, is currently still on with Young Life staff part time. The past six years have been a journey for the Zegarski family. Since the aneurysm, Mike has made great progress. You can follow his story from the beginning at this blog (

This video is an update on Mike's progress and sharing his story. For the past six years, Mike has been able to live at home with Michelle, and their two children, McKaela and Eli. Currently, The Zegarskis are working to raise funds to cover Mike's care expenses to keep him at home, where he is supposed to be. Throughout the month for February, a donor has agreed to match and amount donated to the medical fund, up to $20,000. One of the most beautiful things about Mike and his story, is that he continues to remember Jesus, and His love and grace, and he continues to pray for the mission of Young Life. Mike loves talking about Young Life and the way Christ is moving in kids lives. (written by a dear friend sarah spunt).

let's see if we can rally alongside them and keep Mike in his home with his family. where he belongs.

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