Monday, February 13, 2012

first friend party. a rite of passage you might say.

the ryder family enjoyed a relaxing weekend together. pop pop came to town (justin's dad). we spent a lot of time eating good food, catching up, playing downstairs, watching a movie, hanging some pictures, and even introduced ava to the harmonica. that happened accidentally and she loves it. pop pop brought justin's electric guitar and he plugged it into the amp and we had a dance party right in the dining room. if music is playing...on a movie, or a stuffed animal, or a song, or the guitar ava is moving. i am thankful for uninterrupted time with my family. we loved having you here pop pop.


saturday morning ava and i took a drive 25 minutes outside of town for ava's first friend birthday party. the drive into the country was full of windy roads, farms, cows, horses, and according to ava...even a few elephants. i am much more of a city girl...but i do appreciate the beauty of this new town.

ava's friend, levi had a David and Goliath themed party. his mom made him this outfit for christmas and he has worn it everyday, except the day they went to a water park. it is pretty cute. hence the outfit he is wearing. 

listening to a little David and Goliath story time.

scavenger hunt for collecting "pebbles" just like David did.
we had a nice little obsession with this dog that was outside. she would not let it go and stood by the door until we could go outside. however, after a little while it got too cold so we went inside and ava processed to scream. like out of control loud. ah the joys.
to keep it real not let the sweet pictures of ava deceive you. she was not on her best behavior per say. trying to teach a two year can not always get what you want. not necessarily the easiest thing. but fun we had...happy birthday levi!

 scarves for sale. scarves for sale.
i am finally caught up on orders and since it was 17 degrees here this weekend it seems that winter has only just begun.

some sweet friends who are rocking my scarves all over the country.


email me at with SCARF in the subject for more details and to place an order.

happy monday.

(i will be back tomorrow with a special valentines day post &
 don't miss an updated home decor post on friday)


  1. Elephants?
    What a nice idea for a party.
    It is hard for little kids to go to others parties. They are only used to their parties. Funny about the dog. It will get easier.....but they will still want to be the one opening the presents, hah.

  2. We loved having you guys there!! Thanks so much for coming. Levi was just talking a few minutes ago about how Ava is his princess.


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