Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanksgiving recap.

although it is officially december one and the Christmas season is upon us i wanted to give a little recap on our thanksgiving travels and why this year is especially joyful.

we were gone for ten days. wow. it was good. so good.

i loved that our trip was full of lots of little and some long road trips. not that traveling with a little one is easy but as a child i loved what driving to grandma's meant. usually some fun times and some presents. not that it's all about the presents, because it isn't. but i love everything about what family and time together means.

we began our thanksgiving adventure in sandusky, ohio at this pretty incredible indoor water park called kalahari. justin was asked to speak at a young life high school fall weekend trip for students and leaders from northern ohio. it was a special weekend. justin spoke four times over the course of the weekend on who Jesus is, the reality of Sin, His death and resurrection, and what it means for us all.
it was a powerful and fun weekend. we did enjoy some fun times at the water park. ava loves all things having to do with water.

there were giant animals everywhere and ava loved it.

 thanks kristy (young life staff wife like me. blog reader and huge supporter and now officially a friend) for taking a few shots of ava.

i was given the chance on saturday night to share our story and really getting into the details of cancer, chemo, hair loss, and how the Lord was in all of it. thanks for those of you that took the time to be there. it was a privilege.

after the weekend we headed to hudson, ohio to spend a few days with our good friends and their three little kids. one being justin's namesake and our godson, ryder kessick. it was great to be together and we loved meeting the newest addition to the family...only 6 weeks old. we love you phoebe and sweet charis. thank for opening your home to us

finally we headed to michigan for thanksgiving with my family. we all came together for many reasons but especially for my dear aunt deb who is fighting cancer as we speak. check out her blog HERE. i loved seeing her. i loved being with her. i loved hearing from her and her heart and how strong she is...she is one strong lady. seriously. she does not take naps. i am still in shock. i slept ALL the time when i sick. she even returns your emails. i barley did that. sorry about that by the way. she is responding to chemo which is a huge answer to prayer but the road ahead maybe long and weary. we are in this with you aunt deb.

some of our time was spent at a hotel with my entire immediate family. so we swam. ate out. shopped and celebrated being together. ava loves her cousins. there were sporting events. lots of food and time with my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. many i have not seen since i was sick. it was extra special for me this year. how far we have come. what a gift that is. how thankful we are.


i loved being together. i loved that our last night was spent on my sister's hotel bed eating this. the best.

after saying goodbye we headed home. our longest drive ever with ava. because everyone was driving home on sunday as well it was busy and slow and lots of traffic. thankfully she handled it better than justin and i did. ha. she was great.

 it might look bad. but she was laughing. 

although i could make a long list of everything i am thankful for i am reminded more and more as i read the book one thousand gifts...that i desire to have a heart that remains thankful for the big things right alongside the little things. it is all gift. we do not deserve any of it.

what if we remained thankful not only during this special time of year but all year around?
let's do it together.

do not waste this season. do not loose site of the small little things around you. they are what make


  1. Thanks Libby for your kind words about me. It was so good to see you guys too. I loved being together, watching Ava play, slide down the slide....I am not having my best day today, bad cold combined with chemo side effects. Oh, well, the good news is my counts are coming down!! Praise God. Take care, Love you, Aunt Deb

  2. Ahh love love loved this Lib! I'm so glad you and Jus and Ava got to spend sweet time with your family and friends. I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading this post, because I know how much this holiday season is special for you and how special spending time with your family is. There's just nothing like going home to the people who love you and know you best. Your trip sounded incredible. Especially Ava being so great in the car! What a blessing! And your hair looks great, by the way :) Love you and miss you!

  3. Ah! I live like an hour from kalahari! I love it there! How special that you and Justin were able to share your story this weekend and spend time with your sweet family for the holiday! Ava is getting cuter everyday!

    Oh, and I hope we can remain friends...even though I am a buckeye! Let's chat soon, friend!

  4. You know I loved the picture of Ava in her Michigan sweatshirt. Couldn't help but think, "Aw, so cute!" Then I saw Justin at the game and oh sooo jealous!!! Seriously, Justin, I'm thrilled you got to experience the electricity of the Big House. There is nothing like it. I hope, know you had a great time. Love you guys!!!


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