Saturday, December 3, 2011

we are getting into the spirit...

the past two seasons of Christmas have been a little different for us. back in 2009 i was 37 weeks pregnant and although we did decorate a bit i did not go above and beyond. it was still just the two of us and i had not really developed the passion i know have for decorating, creating, and being a little crafty. then 2010 came and went and it was full of cancer. chemo. exhaustion. lots of exhaustion. but since it was our little ava's first Christmas we did decorate a little and put up a tree and stockings. justin documented it all HERE. as i was linking the video up to this post i was quickly brought back to that season. that cancer season. as my throat chocked up a bit and the tears started flowing. i thought about how sick i was and how i am now healthy. there truly are no words to the joy i feel in my heart.

we just finished decorating. what a night it was. things do not always go the way we imagine they will...tonight was just that. broken ornaments. ava crying. me getting flustered by the mess. but that is life. that is what is real. it is not the movies. but it is us. the three of us entering into this holiday season. the season of Christ's birth with joy and gratitude like nothing we have ever known before.

i am healthy. this Christmas i am healthy and cancer free. there are no words. just thankful. a whole lot of thankful.

here is a little look.

 a little unfinished project for ava...something special for each day of december.
print off free gift tags HERE. it is a great site.

 unfinished mantle. just a peek.

the best way to end the evening. ava is in bed. we are on the couch watching our favorite movie. 
the best Christmas movie. watch it. seriously. 

since you just watched Christmas not miss the beginning of Christmas 2011 for the
 ryder family. 
watch our evening of decorating and remaining thankful video HERE.


  1. The family man! Ah! One of my favorites! I met Nicolas cage at an airport in Florida once! Probably another reason why that is one of my favorite movies!
    The video Justin made is so cute! and I can't wait to hear about Ava's little gifts everyday for all of december! Such a cute idea:)
    Have a good day, friend!

  2. where did you get those printable tags?!

  3. that video. wow. no words lib, no words. thankful for this season & your life. merry christmas sweet friend :)

  4. You are such an inspiration of following the Lord through a dark valley...which is where I struggle the most. Thanks, Libby.

  5. Thanks so much for all things 'this post!'. . . for your realness, for sharing a great website for the printoff's, and for shouting out to a really fun Christmas movie. Excited for you and your family this year :)

  6. Enjoy every moment of this season!
    We kept Christmas light this year because we have a 12-week old and not much time on our hands. :)

  7. Been following your story for over a year are an amazing inspiration Libby. What a beautiful video to watch. Your encouragement at the end brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the nice reminders. May God bless you and your family this Christmas season. Thank you for sharing your video! Ava is such a beautiful little girl!


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