Wednesday, December 28, 2011

we are back.

what a trip. what a christmas. i loved it all. we have returned to our own home and our own beds...all three of us missed that the most. ava did not say it but girl was up abnormally early the entire time we were gone. being home means lots of laundry, no food, and more gifts than we have space for...little ava got hooked up. i am tired so much more to come tomorrow...on christmas, my goals & my new little job.

but a few things before i go...

love the matching pajamas for ava and her cousins. thanks to my sister, allison.

christmas day in kentucky. warm enough to sit on the back porch and enjoy this giant bouncy.

now all ava's cousins are represented.

lastly...obsessed. in a healthy way with the new blog header. nice little surprise from aunt sara.


  1. OMG. i love the new header. so cute. ava is just precious in the pics. sounds like you had an amazing holiday trip. fun! (:

  2. The header is awesome! Too bad it's not winter year round, so you could keep it up!

  3. LOVE the header!! So precious! Wanted to tell you a story... we were eating at Olive Garden a couple nights ago after Christmas shopping at the mall, and the people in the booth behind us asked their waiter what his "bracelet" was for and he began to tell the story of his friend's wife who was diagnosed with lymphoma (sp?) and has a little girl and now she is healed and it's gone and how happy everyone was and that her name is Libby :) I looked at my boyfriend and was so excited to hear your story even at simple ol' olive garden! LOL I wanted to turn around and say "you should follow her blog!!" but of course didn't want them to know I had listened to their entire conversation hahahaha ;)

  4. I am loving the new header! so cute!

  5. EEK! The new blog header is too cute for words. Happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year to you all. xo


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