Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a little bit of ava

in case you missed it...our family Christmas video can be seen HERE we hope you like it.

just a few little funny things about ava right now that i thought i would share.

she is wearing a sleep sack. it is usually for newborns. but she loves her eepsack.

every morning when she wakes up she talks to herself for a bit. sings a little. then eventually begins calling for justin or i to come get her. she will usually ask if she can read her cistmas books and nowman book in bed...to which i gather a few of her favorites for a bit of "reading" in bed.

she is getting a new little table just for her this Christmas but until then we improvise. 
it's precious i think...such a big table and such a little girl. she loves her little stool. we use it for eating and when she wants to help me cook and bake. she is really into helping and doing this on her own.

seems like an ordinary pancake huh?! well it is but the only difference is that she prefers it frozen. no butter. no syrup. just a cold frozen pancake. when she is older we will remind her of when she was almost two and loved to eat frozen pancakes. she actually asks for them and says...no syrup please.

be back tomorrow with some new sponsors for december and be sure not to miss our giveaways this month. we have a new one for every friday until Christmas. we are getting into the spirit of giving.


  1. What a precious girl! She's a girl others will be blessed to meet and get to know. Thanks for sharing a little bit in the life of Ava :) Happy Tuesday in the Lord!

  2. i love you libby! and i really love ava too. she's precious. miss you lots!

  3. So precious. That is beyond sweet that she wakes up and talks a little to herself and then sings a bit. I wish I woke up that happy every day! Oh sweet childhood :)


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