Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ava and the fisher price contest.


okay...if this annoys you just ignore this post and i plan to write something more interesting and fun later tonight.

but if you feel so inclined to vote for little ava today is the last day for the fisher price animal sound contest. it ends tonight (11/30) at midnight. the prize is $10,000 for college. if you feel like voting for her little rooster sound the link is HERE.

thank you thank you thank you. so many of you have been voting and we appreciate it so much.

we will find out on december 16 if our little ava is the winner. i will be sure to announce.


  1. Voted everyday so far with all 4 of my e-mails. So praying she wins, and if she doesn't, its still by far the cutest sound ever!!

  2. voted each day so far. can't wait to hear she won!! (:

  3. i really hope she does!!!


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