Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little video.

justin is at starbucks working and getting his four talks ready for this weekend. ava and i are packing up and about to run a few last minute errands. justin and i talked briefly this morning about the whole packing situation and the nine day trip we are about to embark on. we will be staying four different places which is "fine" when it is just us. but since our "us" includes a 22 month old...that is a lot of packing up, putting the pack n play together and taking it down, unpacking, and carrying luggage. so it went like this...

"babe, work with me a little we are going to have a lot of stuff on this trip."

"lib, you always say that. just do not over pack. i am the one carrying it."

i get quiet and continue planning ava's outfits and packing her suitcase. he can tell i am annoyed.

"lib, i am with you. but remember we can do laundry and we can repeat outfits."

"justin, i know and i am planning this out but regardless we are going to have a lot of stuff. not just clothes with us. but gifts, snacks, toys, etc. just work with me. i want this to be fun. i have such great memories of traveling to see family over the holidays. i just think our attitude about the driving and moving around will make all the difference." (i love how positive i try to be when in reality i do not care who you are or how much you love to travel or love to spend time with your family. i love all those things. but i do not like loading and unloading a car or packing. i get anxious and seem to spend more time thinking and writing my packing list than it takes to pack. at least for me. does anyone even enjoy packing?

justin agrees with me and we get on the same page. good way to start the whole road trip. our longest one we have ever taken with ava. it should be fun.


ava found this video on my phone last night and literally watched it 30 times and just laughed and laughed and laughed. so i thought i would share it with you. enjoy. press HERE to watch.

a few last things...

***check back tomorrow for our first ever GIVEAWAY. it is the holiday season so gifts are in order.

***ava is the 9th most viewed video on the fisher price animal sounds contest. you can vote HERE once a day until Nov 30th. she is under ava r and the animal is a bird (a rooster to be exact).

***do not miss starbucks buy one get one free on all holiday drinks from 2-5pm good through nov 17-20th at certain locations. we like starbucks in this house and this will be nice on our road trip.


  1. so cute! Makes me dizzy watching it! looking forward to the giveaway.

    Kimberlys Korner

  2. Ok...Is it just me?...(don't answer that.) I have tried installing the Adobe Flashplayer required to view your little video...Several times. Automatic and Manual. I really want to view the video but nothing works. Anyone willing to offer help please call, reply, text, e-mail or post something here. HELP!

    Oh yes, must be genetic, cause I hate packing, too. For me. For 3 daughters. For me and my dog. Whatever. (Thanks goodness, Libby's Dad ALWAYS packs for himself.) Probably saved a marriage. The packing list I created a while back that stays in my computer and is used EVERYTIME I pack, is a true life saver.

    Got one?


  3. Hey Lib, I hate packing too. I usually put it off until the hour before I leave...resulting in forgetting many a thing for my trip :)

    BUT, I think it's all worth it because we (Michiganders) get to see you in only a short time! Can't wait to be together again.

    Love you guys, can't wait!



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