Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just a little thought.

read THIS first please.

not much to say i just like ashley's heart. although our blog is not that big of a deal (within the whole blog world spectrum) but it is important to me. for so many reasons. it began simply to share that i had cancer and when my next appointment was and when chemo would start. but it has proved to be so much more for me and for those that read it. it did provide information and help people to share in our journey through cancer...but based on the emails, letters, packages, facebook messages, texts, and the mere fact the people keep reading i know the Lord is doing more.

to be honest i do get caught up sometimes in it all ...how many readers, how many followers, blog comments, sponsors, writing a book, making money by writing. i do not think these are necessarily bad things. the blog is my heart. i spend a lot of time sharing our life with people. i love it. i love to see the Lord working in it and in people. it is such a gift. truly it is. i do not want to stop. but my hope is that my heart is like ashley...i care more about being a mom. wife. and friend than a blogger or author. her words stopped me for a moment to check myself. my own motives. my own heart. the honest truth is that i do want the blog to grow. i would love to write a book. i want to share our story with anyone who will listen because i know the Lord did something miraculous through cancer in us and through us. we want Him to be known and to be glorified.

if i do write a book one day and a few people read it and our blog grows and our story is shared that would be a dream come true for me. just another way of not wasting your hearty and your story. i think following your dreams is what it is all about. we have gifts that we must share. we have voices that need to be heard. i am quick to read/hear other people's stories and be encouraged and think "wow they did it. that is awesome. they are making their dreams a reality. i love that." but when it comes to my own life i am often stuck. not sure what to do or what it will look like or how i will even get there. so i do nothing.

but i feel clear on this...i will keep writing and sharing our story. our story of cancer and our story of knowing Christ more after cancer. maybe i will write a book one day. even if no one in the world reads it but justin and my family that is okay. that is enough. i want to keep my heart in check that this is not about being important or making money...even though a little money would be nice. this is because i believe our story should not be wasted. it is worth telling. i believe the Lord is in this and will open and close doors where necessary.

do not minimize the importance of checking your own heart.
sharing your own story
being a dreamer & following those dreams. 

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  1. amen

    and ill read your book :)

  2. Hey Libby I am Dawn and met you at MOPS this week. I am a sucker for a mom blog and have one myself. My family and I are also fighting cancer as my step mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last May and begins her radiation next week. I look forward to looking through your blog to get to know you more. You can also check out my "mom blog" - http://rearrangingthefurnituredp.blogspot.com/


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