Monday, October 24, 2011

we are away.

i have been going back and forth in my head over the last month or so about taking a road trip with ava to kentucky to visit family and friends. justin is gone this up coming weekend so i thought it would be fun for ava to celebrate halloween with her cousins. i was going to drive and leave thursday and come home tuesday. well on friday morning our plans changed a bit. i bought a one way plane ticket home from ky to va and made the drive with justin's mom and ava yesterday. she was headed back after spending a week with us. so now my five day trip is now a nine day trip! woo woo. since our trip was extended we made a much needed pit stop in lexington to see some dear friends. last night just the girls sat and talked about life, babies, and the Lord. after everyone headed home angie and i decided to stay up until 2am and talk about where we are at now. our pain. our struggles and how the Lord is meeting us in the midst of it all. she is a good friend. all these ky girls are so good to me and ava got to be around them too. bonus.

since my time is limited and words are few because i want to hang out with my friends and angie she is going to help me with my short hair and style it since i have no idea how to do my own hair.

our day today. a little bookstore. which i miss so much. i have such great memories of the time justin and i spent there when we first were dating.

it's been a good day. kids are napping. more from kentucky comin' your way this week. it's gonna be good. 

don't waste your chance to take impromptu little trips. being with friends that matter the most and family. oh, man i love kentucky and the people in this state. excited for a week with my two out of three sisters and ava playing with her cousins. ahh. seriously excited.


  1. Ahhhh Joseph Beth. My favorite place in this lovely city. You don't know me, only briefly emailed each other. But I LOVE your blog. Fellow Hodge survivor. Mama of an almost 1 year old boy. Lexington girl (by move, not birth). Enjoy your time here. Take Ava to the new children's garden at the arboretum!!

  2. I was at Joseph Beth last night!! Glad you're visiting Lex! Hope you have a great mini vaca :)

  3. Loved loved loved seeing you sweet Ryder girls Monday night! Wish nights like that could happen more often, they're good for the soul. Shared your blog with the women I coach cheerleading with at Jessie Clark -- I'm excited for the conversations that might happen because of your blog. Your story is His story and I love that. Enjoy Louisville and have a safe trip back to VA! Love ya Lib :)


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