Saturday, October 29, 2011

a little halloween preview.

kentucky continues to treat us so well. we love it here. it has really been a great visit. we have had so much fun with our family and ava with her cousins are priceless. it would be nice if we all lived in the same place. here are some pictures of our trip so far. a little fun at the mall. a surprise birthday dinner for allison and an elementary school dance party at my nephew's school. ava loved it. she wanted to dance on stage. i am not ready for that yet...

enjoy your saturday. ours has been good. started with ava sleeping in. some pedicures with my aunt who is in town from chicago. some shopping. now watching u of m football. more halloween festivities tonight. more piggy to come. i love the fall.

don't waste your saturday.

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  1. what? ava was a pig?!!!! you guys had to know my favorite animal is a pig. SHE LOOKED SO CUTE!!! i love ava and pigs :)


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