Thursday, October 6, 2011

don't waste your space: family rules.

this will be a short post but an important one i hope.

very first: don't waste your space post coming to you every friday.

where we live and how we make it into a home is important i think. where you raise your children. where you live with friends. a place to make your own. to show everyone who walks through the door...this is us. this is me. this is what we are about. for me our home as become such an important place. for obvious reasons maybe. but more than that i want our home to feel safe. comfortable. peaceful. organized. where i can create. decorate. do projects. crafts with ava. cook. bake. where we light candles and drink wine. where we invite people in. college leaders. students. family. friends. this is a place where people grow and where relationships flourish. this is not simply a little house in old town harrisonburg. it is so much more than that.

i think to really grow and have a vision for where you live you need to decide what you are about.

my sister in law. but mostly sister, sara is an incredible photographer in louisville, ky. her career started as a school teacher and gradually her passion for photography took off. she is one of the most creative and talented people i know and i get to be related to her. through marriage. but still. with the support and "you can do anything you put your mind to" attitude and heart of her husband tommy:
sarafloydphotography was born. after her obvious talent and eye for photography began to increase throughout the city of louisville and a growing family...sara left teaching to pursue photography full time. she is now the momma to three little ones and we have been beyond blessed with having our own family documented by her incredible eye and gift for picture taking. all of the pictures on the header of this blog were taken by sara. nearly all photos on our walls were taken by sara. words can not express the gratitude we feel to have our life document through pictures.

a year or so ago i noticed the "floyd family rules" on a wall at tommy and sara's house. i instantly loved it. it is like a mission statement for the family. it tells everyone who walks into your home what you are about. what you value. what your passionate about and what your family represents.

the ryder family rules.

it is by far the most noted and talked about piece of art work in our home. although there are gorgeous pictures of ava all over the place...people comment on our family rules the most.

now you can have your own family rules. college house rules. classroom rules. beach house rules. playroom rules. school rules. etc. they are a perfect christmas gift. wedding gift. graduation gift. birthday gift. anniversary gift. the greatest part is you send sara your rules (10-12 work best) and pick from the color scheme choices and she designs the layout, font, and sends it directly to you. even better is that your family rules do not require a frame. it comes as a ready-to-hang 20x30 float wrap. it is a good size piece of art work.

and for you: FREE U.S SHIPPING to all DWYC readers.

simply click below. enter the sarafloydphotograhy site. go to products and choose family rules.
you can email sara directly at to place your order.
the investment is $155.

enjoy the weekend. have fun decorating or crafting or baking or doing nothing. we are headed back to chesapeake for our dear friends katie and brandon's wedding. road trip. can't wait.

just don't waste your space. especially your blank walls and even more than that what you are about.


  1. LOVE this! It is so great! And I am also loving so much your new blog and the new picture at the top!!! It is adorable!! :)

  2. Love that sign! I will be ordering one for my parents!

    Hey I am a new follower and blogger! Would love for you to check out my blog! I look forward to reading you blog!


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