Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a few other women following their dreams

i often struggle with staying home full time with ava or getting a job and working outside the home. i think no matter what you do...stay home and work or work outside the home there can be a bit of tension. what is best for me? what is best for the kids? i have to work. we need the money. i have skills and passions i want to utilize outside the home. so many things...for now we feel the best fit for us is being home with ava which allows me the flexibility we love. hanging out with young life leaders. visiting family. going on a month long yl assignment in the summer. but i think many of us are so hard on ourselves. i was talking with a friend about blogs and how often times they make her feel bad about who she is as a mother, wife, and friend. why we do we constantly compare? how often do we look at other people and say...i wish i were like them or i could not do that so i wont even try.

what if we all actually followed our dreams? found our passion and ran with it oppose to just standing back and watching other people do it.

justin and i went out for breakfast on saturday.  ava was so loud and crazy. but in between that we talked about this blog. what it means to me. where we think it is going. how we can get it there. it was so helpful for me. i realized where my heart is and what i am passion about it.

my passion people is this...

not wasting any of it. not one second. 

i am normal and therefore fall short all day and i do not have it all together. but i heart. my desire. where i feel led is to share our life. what is hard for me. where i am going and how i am trying not to waste it. taking nothing for granted. we are not guaranteed that the life we imagined for ourselves will look the way we thought it would. not to instill fear in you. but to encourage you and empower you with how you spend your time. how you view life. what you are about and what you want to contribute. we all have something to offer and we are all capable of not wasting the precious life we have been given.

the biggest gift in cancer...i was given a new start. a new lens to which i see life. i do not want to lose that lens. but i want to continue to view my life differently now that i was given a glimpse of how quickly it all can change.

what about you? are you in? let's begin this journey of not wasting it together.

***let me introduce to you a few friends who are not wasting their gifts and talents***

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Pinwheel Press.
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Give Jewelry
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Shabby Apple.
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Dresses from Shabby Apple
Dresses from Shabby Apple
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be sure to check these ladies out and enjoy the discounts only for DWYC readers.
off we go...new blog design. incredible post by justin on the story of how we met.  

let's do this whole not wasting it together.
lets share...what are your dreams? how would you like to see change in your life? 
what are you passionate about?


  1. Hi Libby! I feel like I vary where I leave my comments to you whether it be here or a FB message or email. I want to write you an email with things that have been circling in my head but somehow I just keep postponing it and not doing it! Your past few posts have been so great (and I love love loved Justin's post on how you two met). I always look forward to reading what you have to say. It used to be like holding my breath and crossing my fingers to see how you were doing. Now it's like waiting for a phone call from a friend to see what they have to say and looking forward to see how they're doing now. I'm glad you're keeping up your blog and I'll try to write you soon!

  2. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma about 4 months ago and started a blog to keep people updated. After reading my blog, a friend led me to yours. The premise of your blog expresses my sentiment exactly. Cancer has made me want to grab each day and squeeze out every bit of goodness.

    One of my passions is Olympic lifting and it has been put on hold because of the chemo. But I am ready to get back at it and not waste any more days. I have been hesitant to devote much time to it, because I have lost strength and didn't want to be frustrated with how little I was lifting. Thanks for pushing me to keep chasing my passion.

  3. Hi Libby. I just recently started reading your blog...not entirely sure how I came across it, but I have loved reading your story. Thank you for sharing. I have struggled with my own blogging and feeling like I really just 'put out the good' that I want others to see. I'm working at being more transparent and real...trying to use the little platform God's given me to minister to people and to be more of a reflection of Christ.

  4. So I have a baby - don't check your blog for a week or so & now it looks super cute! Love it. Once my life calms down, I hope to advertise again - hopefully November!

    Hope you guys are doing great in H'burg!


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