Friday, October 14, 2011

don't waste your space: blog design

you know how we all have friends? some of us have lots of them and some of us wish we had more of them and some of us like to only have a couple. whatever works. but then you have those friends that get you. like really get you. love you and care for in a way that is so unique and special you feel like you could never love them the same way they love you. well for me that is my friend, angie. i lived with her for a month when i moved to lexington. then i lived into her apartment with her before she got married for the next month. she threw me a bridal shower. then we moved. she came and visited when she was newly pregnant so she was sick and miserable but was still a trooper and made the trip. then i got pregnant too so we went through our pregnancies together from a distance and shared the experience of getting big. feeling sick. designing a nursery. sharing nursing tips. birth stories. talking about are kids and how crazy and bad and wonderful they are. then i got cancer and angie rallied right alongside me from a distance. she even sent me a huge fricken package of fancy organic jarred baby food and an endless amount of puffs. that package was like $37 to ship. i remember. not everyone does that. seriously not everyone loves you that hard. that intentionally. but angie did and she does. then she sent cards. emails. wrote blog posts. gave money. participated in the golf tournament in ky that our friends organized. her husband micah played even though he is not that good. she flew out to take care of me for my second treatment. organized my closet while i was at chemo. cared for and loved my baby when i was too sick. then came to ava's first birthday party. offered to fly out again to help during one of my last chemo treatments. then she ran. she trained and organized along with several of my dear friends: team libby. the 1/2 marathon in nashville this past april.

i think you get it by now. she is legit. she is creative and crafty and this girl went and followed her little dream that we all hope becomes something big and started...thirsty hearts design.

angie recently re-designed our entire blog. after various emails back and forth and many phone conversations we finally got it exactly how we wanted it and i love it.

blog seems to be everywhere. the whole idea of blogging is becoming more and more common. they serve different purposes for different people but they all seem to come back to...a place where you can write, be creative, share your heart, and express yourself. it is place that represents you.

what you are about. 

what matters to you.

i think that whether you like it or not...this space...this creative outlet is a reflection of who you are.
i know for me this blog started out as a means to keep people informed of our cancer journey but it has proved to be so much and continues to surprise me today.

early on when i started writing i did not really care about the format or the design of the blog. i just wrote. i did not know how to do much more than write and press publish. i have learned a bit more since than but not even close to what angie is able to make happen when it comes to not just designing. choosing colors. fonts. but the graphics and formatting end of things. i am clueless. so her role has become essential in making our blog happen. how it looks. how things are linked. all in an effort to help make this blog. this space. this place where i write. learn. grow. fail. share. represent me. our family and what we do and what we are about.

if you are interested in an entire blog design. or just a button. or links to facebook, twitter, pinterest, or email. or a custom signature. or a new background or color scheme. or maybe wedding or baby announcements check out all the options and pricing HERE or email her directly at do not forget all readers from our blog get $10 this month.

do not waste this space. this special place where you share and express yourself. whether you blog to document your child's life. or share recipes. or craft tips. or maybe you write and people are reading. whatever the reason. it really does not matter. because this space is for you.

just don't waste it.

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  1. AGREED!!! she is such a blessing to us too! and she did a fab job on dwyc i must say.


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