Saturday, October 1, 2011

under construction.

please bare with us. we are in the midst of a re-do. a new design. a new little look. a new season of life.
my dear dear friend angie is the one making this all possible. since i know nothing about blog design.
she is incredible. look HERE. keep checking back. the reason it is still in the works is because of me and some things i needed to fix/work on. sorry about that. it should be good to go in the next couple days.
what do you think so far?


  1. LOVE THE NEW PICTURE! OMG LOVES IT. And I love the pictures under our story and Libby. duh. ahh! sooo fetch!

  2. LOVEE the new design Lib! Great job Angie!! :)

  3. Drake approves , I showed him the site on my phone, he got a big smile on his face, looked at me and said "Ava", then leaned in a gave her a screen kiss:) and said "Ava kiss". I luv that despite the miles and only a handful of experiences our kids have had, they know one another. Such a blessing. Site looks great, Angie I luv it!

  4. Ang is the best, love it! I think she's going to be doing mine at some point too.. yay for cute blogs by sweet friends! By the way, the posts about your mom & the story of you & Ryder brought such joy to my Sunday afternoon. What blessings :) excited to see you this weekend! Happy to hear things are starting to feel semi normal in Harrisonburg. Praying for you guys!


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