Thursday, July 14, 2011

water country.

i did not know until this week but my family loves water parks. we went today for the third time this week. it was great. we went later in the day and therefore did not really have to wait in any lines. it was genius. super fun. i love that. the innocent fun of water slides. for now i am going to hang out with my family. but here is a little ava. man i love her. she is not that nice to her cousins. she hits sometimes. but i love her more than i knew i could love. besides justin of course. today she was sweet and kissed her cousin drake while playing on the playground. precious.
in the background is me. i got a romper from the jcrew outlet. before i got it i asked if it was okay for a 27 year old mom to wear a romper. the consensus was yes.
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  1. I want a romper too but don't think I can quite pull it off. I bet you look super cute!

  2. update on young life camp coming soon??! :) can't wait to hear about it!


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